For billionaires only – Most popular luxury submarines
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For billionaires only – Most popular luxury submarines

For billionaires only – Most popular luxury submarines
Loitering around the race-courses and five-star hotels used to be the most favorite pass-time of the filthy rich in the society a few years back. But now, the luxury playgrounds include deep-under the sea, to the high peak of Himalayas, to the deep spaces of the Universe. Living under the sea in private-owned submarines is the latest fad among the super-rich. A few months back, we introduced you to the top 12 high-tech luxury yachts. These megayachts are majestic, royal, breathtaking, and simply graceful. The sub-aquatic playgrounds have become the latest maritime attraction for many of the richest people around the globe. Very much like the luxury yachts, the submarines are catching the fetish of the billionaires of the society. Forget the Lamborghinis, Rolls Royce, Ferraris and private jets and cast your beady eyes at some of the most popular luxury submarines. Phoenix 1000: phoenix1
In a world of $100-million mega yachts, the U.S. Submarines' Phoenix 1000 free delivery, buy fluoxetine online no prescription. fluoxetine is used for treating premenstrual dysphoric disorder (pmdd), a severe form of premenstrual rules the long list of luxury subs. The beauty has 5,000 square feet of interior space on four levels and is able to dive up to 1,000 feet. Fully customizable, the only thing that makes it a bit different from the full-on megayacht is the enchanting view for the truly order Strattera valiant undersea buccaneer. The integrated docking mini-sub can take passengers to an extreme 2000 feet below the surface. phoenix2
The luxury amenities include Jacuzzis, gyms, wine cellars and up to ten bedrooms. The clients even have the option of going for a basketball court, which would win the trophy of being the world's most expensive basketball court. Costing a whopping buy estrace fast shipping estrace best prices estradiol 1 buy estradiol prescription online estradiol best price online pharmacy in canada buy estrace online US $80 million, the luxurious 65-meter (213-feet) undersea vehicle takes about three years to build. Seattle 1000: seattle
With a 36-meter (118') overall length, the climate-controlled luxury submersible enjoys a central twin deck arrangement and more than enough space for independent staterooms, crew's quarters and galley, living and dining areas. The interior space of the Seattle 1000 submarine allows for several layout options and is fully customizable to the owner's requirements. The Seattle will set you back for around $25 million and a 24-hour trip inside the beauty will cost you around $2500 per person. Paul Allen's Yellow Submarine: yellow submarine
Microsoft's co-founder, Paul Allen seems to be an ardent fan of sea cruisers. His luxury private yacht, fluoxetine online | usa canada uk | buy online without prescription. low prices, fast delivery and secure online processing. generic fucidin cheap Generic Viagra Octopus was there at the second place in my list of top 12 high-tech luxury yachts. The latest plaything in the billionaire's playground is a fully operational 40-foot yellow submarine for which he has paid a huge sum of $12 million. Allen's fad for these gorgeous water beasts might be the reason that his net worth is only a third to that of Bill Gates. Triton 1000: triton 1000
The 305-meter, two or three passenger submersible is the latest design from U.S. Submarines. Four Triton 1000s are being developed for Poseidon Undersea Resorts. It offers excellent visibility, which is especially designed for launch and recovery from megayachts. The luxury sub is fully air-conditioned and touts lavish amanities with luxury leather seating. Nomad 1000: nomad 1000
Touted to be the world's first luxury submarine, the Nomad 1000 has almost all the facilities of a luxury yacht and it can dive to 1000 feet. While you're cruising under the water like Captain Nemo, the massive panoramic viewports soothe your eyes with the denizens of the deep in the air-conditioned luxury. The 65-feet submarine touts a gorgeous and comfy interior, a fully equipped galley and a marine toilet with shower. In case, you need to take a break on the move, simply close the hatch and dive. You can either continue the journey submerged or take the Nomad to the sea floor. So, you need proper light too. You can light the submarine with up to sixteen 1000 watt, quartz halogen undersea lights. It's a true autonomous submarine. Proteus: dermatitis atarax classification atarax for... buy Hydroxyzine proteus
You surely have been living in caves if you haven't heard of Exomos, the most technologically advanced submersibles. The 65-feet natural fertility pills for twins. order atarax online. legitimate online pharmacies. Proteus is exceptional and is capable of offering the ultimate in underwater luxury. It can accommodate up to fourteen divers on the fore and aft deck who can submerge with the vessel while eight people can sit inside the dry cabin for magnificent viewing. Mystery of 100 luxury subs: 'If you can find my submarine, it's yours,'' says Russian oil billionaire Roman Abramovich. There are an estimated 100 luxury submarines lurking around the Seven Seas and no one knows who the owners are. Anyway, for about $25 million you can purchase your own luxury submersible. Private submarines, from two-seaters to the 5,000 square-foot luxury liners, are becoming a fad among the super-rich. At Hawkes Ocean Technology, chief engineer Graham Hawkes is busy building two customized $1 million vessels for clients. On the other hand, buy Lithium U.S. Submarines is said to design the $1-million, two-passenger Explorer 1000 sub. What could be the better way other than the luxury submarines for billionaires (who wish to rule the seas like Captain Nemo) to submerge in luxury?
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