For the filthy rich – Top 25 beautiful luxury things
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For the filthy rich – Top 25 beautiful luxury things

For the filthy rich – Top 25 beautiful luxury things
Earlier, we have introduced you to the top 10 futuristic luxury hotels, top 12 high-tech luxury yachts, and the most popular luxury submarines. There is an endless list of things for the uber-rich to spend their money on. Here, I have compiled a list of top 25 beautiful luxury things for the filthy rich that include everything from the blinged iPod shuffle to the La Sphere speakers to the Diamond Crypto smartphone. Come, check out these spectacular beauties, which are meant for the most wealthy only.
25. Diamond Mouse:
diamond mouse
The pictured above is currently the world's most expensive computer mouse. Swiss manufacturer 'Pat Says Now' has made the mouse with 18-karat white gold encrusted with 59 brilliant-cut diamonds. The mouse comes in two unique designs, one with 'floral design' and the other with 'scattered diamonds.' The three button optical wheel mouse is offered in black or white trim and works with MAC or PC. Costing $24,180, the diamond mouse can even be customized with diamond initials. They are also offering a gold version in yellow, red or white gold with white or black trim.
24. Widex diamond hearing aid:
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Here is something cool for the bling-thing lovers. This 24-carat gold digital hearing aid from Widex comes festooned with 220 diamonds. The company made its first in-the-ear hearing aid back in 1995 and now, they have reached the heights with this sparkling thing for the uber-rich audiophiles. And yes, the price tad reads £25,000, or Purchase Viagra $49,590. Any buyers?
23. Blinged iPod shuffle:
gols ipod shuffle
You love your iPod shuffle. Sleek and sexy, it's your favorite gadget. But the color options are not quite your liking. Here's a solution, get yourself a blinged one. You have also come across the gold iPod shuffle earlier but, this gold iPod shuffle has been adorned with diamonds to bring out the best of bling thing. Anyway, for $20,000, you can get yourself a brand new car.
22. TrekStor i.Beat gold MP3 player:
trekstor ibeat 1
When launched at the Cebit 2006, the TrekStor i.Beat gold MP3 player raised a number of eyebrows. If you are an avid music buff and wishing to lay your hands on the costliest MP3 player in the market, the TrekStor i.Beat is the just right pick. Costing approximately US $23,000, the glossy player is encased in gold and decked with 63 jewels. The gold-and-diamond exteriors the organix Gold player features 1GB memory, a stereo FM radio and an integrated voice recorder (MP3 format) for taking audio notes. Other features include SRS WOW surround sound, hi-speed USB 2.0 compatibility and digital clock/alarm/stopwatch functions. All the features are packed in a sleek size of 75 mm x 32 mm x 16 mm.
21. Samsung's 70' LED-backlit LCD TV
samsungs 70 led backlit lcd
After launching the world's largest commercially available 70-inch full HD LCD television in Korea, Samsung is bringing the beast to the States. The 70-inch behemoth uses a LED backlight instead of the conventional cold cathode fluorescent lamp version. The 1080p enabled screen impresses the viewers with its dynamic contrast ratio of 500,000:1. The backlighting technology improves overall picture quality by diffusing darker areas of the picture and reduces the power consumption by as much as 50%. Other specs include 3 x HDMI 1.3 terminals and a USB 2.0 jack. Priced at $63,000.
20. Hastens' Vividus Mattress:
vividus mattress 1
How much could you pay for a sleeping mattress? Swedish manufacturer Hastens wants you to shell out a whopping $50,000 for its super-luxury mattress dubbed Vividus. You might be thinking that what's so special about these mattresses. They are not blinged with diamonds or any crystals but made from finest natural materials, including all-natural horsehair, cotton, linen and wool in the different steps. These mattresses are hand-made using proven techniques. Each bed is custom made and the total production time is just 160 man hours. But still, it would have been great if they had given some finishing touches of crystals to the Vividus to make that price tag look a bit more reasonable.
19. M200G volantor:
m200g volantor 1
Owning a flying car has been a dream of so many millionaires out there. You surely have been living in caves if you haven't heard of Moller International, the name taken with respect when we start talking about flying cars. To keep alive its 40-year old dream of M400 Skycar, the company is all set to construct a Jetsons-like flying saucer, named M200G Volantor. This saucer-shaped M200G is designed with two engines, air-cooled and water-cooled, and will be powered by Moller's eight Rotapower rotary engines. The two passenger saucer-shaped vehicle will let you fly 10 feet off the ground over all terrain at 50 mph. They are readying the M200G flying machine for the open market, which will cost between $90,000 and $125,000. Official release date hasn't been made public.
18. Cessna Skycatcher aircraft:
cessna skycatcher 1
Here is something cool for the flying enthusiasts. The first thing I would like to tell you that 400 units of the Skycatcher sport aircraft have already been booked. Well, it's the latest design from Cessna that comes equipped with a Garmin glass cockpit and a Teledyne Continential O-200D engine. The light sport aircraft will sell for a whopping $109,500 for the first 1,000 orders. The plane will reach speeds of 136 miles per hour with a range of 470 nautical miles. The first customer delivery of the plane is scheduled for 2009. Till then, all the flying enthusiasts can continue saving money.
17. LG's Luxury Gold PDP TV
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It's the perfect thing to be placed inside you luxury home where everything is plated in gold. The 71-inch Full-HD gold PDP TV dubbed Luxury Gold from LG was exhibited at the KES 2006 and was showcased once again a few days back. The PDP TV is plated with 24k gold and touts fine resolution of 1920 x 1080, a brightness of 1000cd/m2, and a contrast ratio of 1500:1. The Luxury Gold is is part of a set of gold plated speakers, DVD players, and subwoofer. The luxury set is priced at $132,000.
16. 11in Saucepan
11in saucepan
I can bet you will think thousand times before putting this beautiful £100,000 saucepan from Fissler on the stove. The world's most precious 11in Saucepan comes festooned with 200 lustrous diamonds and two solid gold handles. In addition to the diamonds, the logo name, handles on the lid and sides are made from around one kilogram of gold. It's quite heavy but the company claims that it can be used just like the other saucepans. If you wish to add some more zing to your cooking, simply add a 44- piece Cutlery set adorned with 4000 diamonds that comes for £200,000.
15. Platinum Hello Kitty Miniature:
platinum hello kitty miniature 1
Priced at $163,000, the 590 grams Hello Kitty platinum miniature of the feminine feline has seven hair ribbons made of gems including diamond, ruby, pink sapphire, amethyst and blue topaz. This is the most expensive Hello Kitty thing in the world till date. Check out my Hello Kitty wish list for the uber-rich.
14. La Sphere speakers:
la sphere speakers 1 Viagra online
The pictured above is not a gigantic eyeball webcam but the La Sphere speakers from Cabesse that is designed to create unique ambiences for interior spaces and enhance acoustics of the spaces like theater rooms. It has been especially made to create unique ambiences for interior spaces and enhance acoustics of the spaces like theater rooms. The four-way co-axial speaker claims to offer unmatched technical and musical specifications in a compact volume than all other ultimate systems. Price tag reads $150,000.
13. Black diamond smartphone:
Lasix online black diamond smartphone
This beautiful creation by Singaporean designer Jaren Goh makes all of us tight-lipped. The handset is all wrapped up in titanium and diamonds. The shiny Black Diamond smartphone has a 2-inch OLED display, 400MHz XScale processor, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 128MB of internal memory, an SD memory card slot, and a touch-sensitive keypad. Forget its sleek and sexy curves and elegant finish. The price tag of $300,000 says everything in silence.
12. Diamond studded Ego Tulip notebook:
diamond studded ego tulip notebook
The Tulip Ego Lifestyle notebooks have always impressed us with their stylish designs. Seriously speaking, you don't need to own a Ferarri or Rolls Royce to impress your gal. Instead, gift her a diamond-studded Tulip notebook. That would do the work. The handbag-shaped notebook is studded with 470 flawless diamonds that adorn the Otazu Ego model in tulip, heart, and Otazu logos. This laptop boasts a 12.1-inch WXGA widescreen display, a front-loading CD/DVD player, and a burner. But, this beautiful thing is going to set you back a hefty $350,000.
11. Corum Classical Billionaire Tourbillion
corum classical billionaire tourbillion 1
A luxury designer watch always says a lot about the monitory and social status of its owner. The Corum Classical Billionaire Tourbillon is an ultra-limited edition wristwatch with 850 diamonds. The watch has a glittering skeleton dial with Skeleton hour and minute hands. It has been manually wound with 90-hour power reserve and has a Caliber CO-372 by Corum and La Joux-Perret. Limited to 10 pieces, the Billionaire Tourbillion comes in many versions with price ranging from $325,000 to $998,000.
10. Fujitsu Super Frontech Vision LD
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We are not going to talk about the Panasonic's 103-inch plasma, LG's 100-inch TFT LCD, Sharp's 108-inch Aquos LCD TV, and the Technovision's monstrous 205-inch Luxio LED TV. Fujitsu has left all other behind by unveiling its gigantic 231-inch TV, which won't fit your living room. The Fujitsu Super Frontech Vision LD features a screen brightness of 5,000 candelas per square meter and 16 million colors. Unfortunately, the screen resolution is mere 512 x 288 that seems really stupid. Fujitsu seems to be gone nuts as the oversize screen asks for £262,000 (US $500,000).
9. Mystery masterpiece:
mystery masterpiece 1
If you can't kill anyone with sword, it's better to kill the person with a pen and what could be better than a writing instrument that costs $730,000. Well, the luxury houses of Van Cleef & Arpels and Montblanc have rolled out an eye-cathcing writing instrument christened Mystery Masterpiece. Made of white gold, the pen is adorned with rubies, sapphires, or emeralds and accented by diamonds. Nine pens will be sold worldwide, with each featuring 840 diamonds and more than 20 carats of gemstones set in a Van Cleef & Arpels patented 'Mystery Setting'. If I could own one, I will never write with it. I can't even dare to.
8. Planetarium-Tellurium
planetarium tellurium 1
It looks like I am looking at some interesting Steampunk mod. The gorgeous Planetarium-Tellurium by watchmaker Richard Mille offers you exceptionally accurate details about the workings of our solar system. It is proficient enough to show the motion of the solar system accurate to within one degree of rotation every 7.7 years. Except for the mercury, all the planets rotate around the Sun and around their own axes to offer precise positioning of our solar system. The Planetarium-Tellurium costs more than US $1 million to build and is crafted from titanium, steel, brass, gold, silver, and red corundum,
7. Grand Enigma speakers
grand enigma speakers 2
This thing is meant for the uber-rich audiophiles out there who have already come across the $13,500 Vivid Audio B1 Loudspeakers , $21,800 Signature Diamond speakers, Cabasse's $24K Karissima speakers, and the Cabesse $150,000 La Sphere speakers. Meet Grand Enigma speakers that top the long list of the world's most expensive speakers. The luxury speakers have been designed by Netherlands-based Kharma in a huge cellar in Belgium. I don't think that the features even matter at such a stocky price. Priced at $1 million. Check out my list of top 10 luxury speakers.
6. Goldvish phone:
goldvish phone 1
This spectacular phone is all about beauty, luxury and incredible craftsmanship. The buttons of the phone are decked with 120 carats of VVS-1 grade diamonds. The phone, also called Device Le Million De la Nuit, was designed by the Swiss watch designer Emmanuel Gueit and it reminds him of a boomerang. Well, the technical specs include camera with an 8x zoom, Bluetooth, USB, 2 GB memory card, МР3 player, and TFT- display which is protected by sapphire glass. Nearly 5 oz of pure gold has been used for the manufacturing of the case. It can be yours for cool $1 million.
5. Million Dollar laptop:
million dollar laptop 1
If the diamond-studded Ego notebooks didn't impress you much or your girl, you better take a look at the gorgeous Million Dollar Laptop from the UK Luxury firm Luvaglio. The luxury notebook includes a 17-inch backlit screen with a special anti-reflective coating, a 128GB Solid State Disk Drive, and a Blu-ray drive, built-in USB memory stick and MP3 player. The power button is diamond encrusted and the buyers can get the finishing touches of precious metals, leathers and real woods to fully customize the pricey beauty. Priced at $1 million.
4. Baroque PC:
baroque pc 1
You must have come across a handful of PC designs but the pictured above is totally ultra-blinged and is adorned with diamonds and sapphires and is made in 18K yellow gold and 18K white gold. Designed by jewelry designer Lee Charles Buckingham, the Baroque is the first million dollar personal computer. It's not meant for me (Lolzz).
3. Bugatti Veyron 16.4:
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It's not only the fastest street-legal car in the world but beautiful too. With a 251.2 miles per hour top speed, this car is still number one in the most expensive cars in the world ($1.2 million, I am mum). Christened after racing driver Pierre Veyron, the car needs a total of 10 radiators to keep it cool. It can go from zero to 60 in a mere 2.5 seconds. The 1001 horsepower bless the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 with a level of acceleration unheard of in the sports car segment. The five color combinations features the bonnet, roof and rear in the darker of the two colors, with the sides and front wheel arches in the lighter color.
2. Diamond studded platinum handbag:
diamond studded platinum handbag
This diamond studded handbag is sure to woo the rich heiresses out there. The handbag designed by jewelery maker Ginza Tanaka cost a whopping $1.63 million doxycycline monohydrate and doxycycline hyclate doxycycline hyclate jaw pain purchase doxycycline to make. It is festooned with 2,182 diamonds totaling 208 carats. The beauty was showcased recently at a fashion show in Tokyo. Uber-rich Hollywood celebs only can think of buying one as it's not every woman's piece of cake.
1. Diamond Crypto smartphone:
diamond crypto smartphone 1
Here is something that will bring you out of the illusion of owning the priciest of mobile phones. Designed by an Austrian jeweler, Peter Aloisson, the Diamond Crypto Smartphone carries a whopping price tag of $1.3 million and is tagged as the 'most expensive' in the world. The phone is made of solid platinum while the cover is adorned with 50 diamonds, 10 of which are the rare blue ones. The difference between other costly phones and this one is the inclusion of very powerful encryption technology to provide special security. The phone runs on Windows CE operating system and features a high-resolution color TFT display. A must-have blinged thing for the wealthiest. Honorable mention:
Panasonic's 103-inch Plasma:
panasonic th 103pf9
Everything about the Panasonic TH-103PF9 is colossal. Announced way back for the CES 2006, the monstrous plasma has raised all the geeky eyebrows. It's a thing of beauty, which every millionaire should possess. The beast features a native resolution of 1,920 x 1,080, a contrast ratio of 5000:1 which leads to its uncanny ability to show even the most subtle of shadow details. The good-looking Panasonic TH-103PF9 103in Plasma TV carries a respectable price tag of US $70,000.
Magnetic Floating Bed:
magnetic floating bed
We have nothing to do with the specs here but everything is just about the amazing looks. Designed by Dutchman Janjaap Ruijssenaars, the Magnetic Floating Bed has got enough magnets to keep 900 kilograms thing floating in the air. So, what if you always wanted to float in the air meditating, but have failed to do so, here is the smart alternative for you. But wait, the spectacular floating bed will set you back a whopping $1.53 million. Almost everyday, there is a new thing for the filthy rich on the shelves and it's pretty hard to cover each and everything. Anyway, I will be back with much more. Until then, you can cast your beady eyes on these 25 beautiful creations and if you have lots of money floating around, you can go for the one or two that impress you the most.
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