Ford Focus RS
Ford Focus RS | $ 38,000
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Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS

Top speed of 265 km/h with 0 – 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds, Drag coefficient 0.38 and an exquisite styling, this could be the shortest introduction to Ford Focus RS. It’s a brief indulgence that Ford and we, the car lovers, enjoyed way back in 2009 when Focus RS came out. Inspiration behind Focus RS was, of course, kinetic design styling made famous by Ford. In 2010, Ford introduced a limited edition Focus RS500 for model year 2011. Only 500 units of RS500 saw daylight. Focus series was launched in 1999 as a replacement to Escort and Laser. The launch in Europe got tangled into legal troubles relating to brand “Focus”. Later, things settled and the name Focus prevailed. In 2008, officially announced price of Focus RS was $38359 or £24995. During 2010, Australian version did cost $59990. That’s quite a legitimate price for this pocket rocket.


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It had an interior styling similar to any racing inspired performance car. Though it was also comparable to sport-tuned luxury cars, with sport-suspension. Cabin was comfortably muffled from engine noise. Seating had a near-racing car experience with bucket seat from Recaro to keep you upright. It helped maintaining a steady grip on steering. Apart from the huge front seats, Focus RS had quite spacious seating in the rear as well.


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Focus RS earned the ‘pocket rocket’ tag for its remarkable Hot-Hatch styling. Even visibly, it makes a clear statement of a performance car. Heavy duty twin tailpipes were just perfect for gushing out. Monstrous grills took every care to feed in the air guzzling engine intercooler. Add to that ground-kissing stance, 19’’ wheels and the rear-spoiler. They took utmost care to keep the vehicle grounded even when you redlined on the speedo. Kinetic Design also brought in pulled back headlight housing and removed every extra molding along the body line.

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