Ford Mustang V8
Ford Mustang V8 | $ 30,000
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Ford Mustang V8

Ford Mustang V8

Ford Mustang V8, the icon of power, muscle and performance is staging a comeback in 2013 brandishing a new image. The features that are etched in your mind as it stealthily flashes by are, the new grill with the bigger galloping pony which so matches the muscle of the car, the powerful headlights with its planetary side lights, the gleaming side beams, spinning silver radials, the side reflectors above the rear wheel, the tinted glass roof and sequential turning lights in the rear. The majestic look of the car stops you dead in your tracks. Many new features have been introduced in the interior too. Delightful apps can record your acceleration time, braking speed and the g-loading and display it on a 4.5" LCD. The V8 5L powerhouse, the best feature of the 2012 Mustang remains unchanged except for making it a vee better in acceleration. You can build your own features with mind boggling choices from the wheels to the convertible/coupe style to the engine Shelby, Boss, V6 or V8. If price is no deterrent, then the Ford Mustang GT with V8 is all yours with a base price of $30,300.


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Lets quickly run through the superb Recaro, warm, leather or cloth trimmed bucket seats and the soft and thin leather that fits the instrument panel and steering seamlessly. Aluminium trims accentuate the panels and dials. A hi-tech Shaker Audio System fills the cabin with enthralling music. But the piece-de-resistance is the Track Apps with the 4.5"LCD. There are colorful five way buttons for the countdown start. You can see the acceleration, g-load and braking performance on the display screen. Can you imagine lighting the interior to suit your mood. Well, the Mustang GT has it. Seven colors, purple orange, blue,soft blue, orange ice blue and green are available. There are numerous other electronic adjustable features that assist steering, driving, stability and maneuverability.


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The tinted glass roof, HID headlamps and a triple row of LED lights in the rear that light up in sequence to indicate direction instead of the usual flashing lights are absolutely attractive. The front billet grill has a sporty air splitter, all in black with just the pony insignia emblazened in the middle. The rear is a little heavy with a spoiler that overhangs the rear lights and bumper. The tinted glass roof which swoops over the roof and joins the front glass in one sweeping curve, blocks 96 percent of the ultraviolet rays and has a retractable sunshade too. Even the names of the colors are enticing, like gotta have it green (true to its name), deep impact blue, race red and school bus yellow. Six more colors make up the palette.

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