Ford Roush GT 600 RE: The Supercar
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Ford Roush GT 600 RE: The Supercar

Ford Roush GT 600 RE: The Supercar

Car Intro : Roush GT600RE

The Roush GT600RE is a high performance sports car. The GT600RE is basically a highly customized version of a Ford GT sports car. In the year 2007 ten Ford GT’s were acquired by British automobile tuning firm Roush and their engines were modified in an extensive renovation process in order to extract more power out of them.

The “600” in the car’s name denotes its higher power output. The sports car has acquired a cult following among automobile followers due to its combination of alluring qualities like great looks, a luxuriously styled interior and awesome on road performance at high speeds. The fact that only ten of these beauties were built by Roush adds to its considerable charm. A Roush GT600RE managed to fetch a price in the range of $200,000 to $250,000 at the time of its launch.


Roush refrained from carrying out any alterations to the bodywork of the Ford GT as a result of which the GT600RE sports an unchanged exterior appearance from its predecessor. Its aggressive look is further enhanced by external accessories like forged alloy wheels, black powder coated rims and large front head lamps. The Roush GT600RE came in a two door coupe configuration and was fitted with a permanent roof top. The sports car’s aerodynamic shape helped it to reduce drag and improve critical performance parameters like speed and pickup. The Roush GT600RE was available in metallic paint options like matte black, tungsten silver and brick red.


The interiors of the Roush GT600RE were tastefully done and its subtle grace perfectly complemented the muscular looks of the car. The sports car boast of the same interior features like the Ford GT since Roush didn’t modify any part of the cabin. The interiors of the GT600RE could accommodate two people simultaneously and featured ample legroom. The seats were upholstered in high quality leather and the ergonomically controls made the task of navigating the car a walk in the park for its driver. Some of the standard equipment on board included a powerful air conditioning system, power windows, power door locks and a leather encased steering wheel. The infotainment package consists of a CD player along with a McIntosh surround sound system.

Car Engine description:

Roush tweaked the engine configuration of the GT600RE and managed to crank up the total output by 65HP. The peak torque was increased by 50 lb-ft. This was achieved by fitting the supercharger of the GT600RE with a smaller pulley than that used for the Ford GT. Even the belt size was reduced for the sports car. The end result was an impressive combo of 612HP of power at 6180rpm along with 552 lb-ft of torque derived from the Roush GT600RE’s 5.4 liter V8 supercharged petrol engine. Speed and acceleration stats of the GT600RE are very impressive. The top rated speed is 330 km/hour and it takes just 3.6 seconds to go from zero to a cruising speed of 100km/hour. The GT600RE utilizes a six speed manual transmission system

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