Formula Zero – World’s first megayacht to boast zero carbon footprints

Andrea Divirgilio / March 26, 2010

formula zero solar hybrid superyacht
The upcoming trend in the super and megayachts is reducing the carbon footprints with hybrid yacht concepts that are superlative in terms of knotting speed and the luxuries offered. And the latest in the green yachts is the Supernova, a 60m Solar Hybrid Megayacht from Sauter Zero Carbon Design, touted as the first ultra green superyacht. The concept yacht boasts wingsails half as tall as sails found in comparable monohulls, to induce less drag while generating far greater thrust. The yacht features an advanced hydro and aerodynamic design that harnesses sun, wind and wave energy to make her the fastest power sailing megayacht in the world with a cruising speed at 17kts. A 75 to 100 percent reduction in GHG emissions is achieved by employing multiple diesel electric drives supported by fully rotational wingsails, power sailing wave motion regeneration, a massive solar cell array and UPS backup. Richard Sauter, the founder of Sauter Zero Carbon Design, hopes to bring a revolution in green yachts with their unique carbon neutral approach to reduce the carbon footprints of the yachting industry as a whole.

Via: Marine Business World/Sauter Design

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