Frank Fritz | $ 3 Million
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Frank Fritz Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 3 Million
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Born on: 3rd Mar 65 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Antique Archeology
Frank Fritz has  net worth  is estimated around $3 million. Fritz, co-founder of Antique Archeology is an American reality star and antique collector. Frank Fritz has  net worth came from the works of Frank as fire and safety inspector, co-founder of Antique Archeology and eventually as host of the History Channel‘s reality show, “American Picker.” Fritz began collecting rocks as a child and went on to collect vintage toys and cars which later made him popular with collectors and designers which also contributed to  Frank Fritz net worth. In 2010,  Frank Fritz has  net worth increase when The History Channel hired him to co-host the series, "American Picker" with Mike Wolfe. In the show they travel around the country looking for antique and rare pieces. Frank Fritz's client list included interior designers, collectors and photographers to celebrities, athletes, musicians and businessmen who are willing to pay them top dollar for their salvaged pieces. American Picker is currently the top ranked non-fiction show on television and is popular with multiple age groups which means a promising Frank Fritz   net worth.
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