Frank McKinney’s $29 million certified green mansion

Andrea Divirgilio / September 18, 2007

620 south ocean

The best place for luxury and environment to live altogether in harmony are the high-tech green homes, which are attracting more and more people. We have seen the $4 million Wired magazine LivingHome and now, it is becoming kind os status symbol for the millionaires to own a luxury green mansion.

Florida developer Frank McKinney, who is renowned for building multi-million-dollar mega-mansions, is bust constructing a $29 million green home dubbed ’620 South Ocean’ that will be the first of its size to be certified green by the U.S. Green Building Council and the Florida Green Building Council.

The lavish home will feature eight bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, two elevators, two laundry rooms, two wine cellars (one for red, one white), a movie theater, and guest house, a high-tech air purification system and eco-friendly light fixtures that will cut energy consumption by 90 percent.

620 south ocean 1

Salient features of the $29 million Green mansion:

Solar panel system ($120,000) generating more than enough energy to power the entire home on certain days.

A water system that collects enough runoff water to fill the average swimming pool every 14 days.

Reclaimed teak used instead of rare Brazilian cherry, saving 7.5 acres of Brazilian rain forest.

Over 340,000 pounds of debris and trash will be recycled for the construction.

Reflecting ponds and water gardens to cool down the 1.5 acre property by 2 to 3 degrees.

The 3-story $29 million mansion is expected to be completed by January 2009 and once it’s finished, Frank McKinney is hopeful of finding the potential buyer. Indubitably, the next hottest trend among the super-rich is environmentally friendly estates.

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