Frank Sinatra’s Farralone estate in Chatsworth goes on sale
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Frank Sinatra’s Farralone estate in Chatsworth goes on sale

Frank Sinatra’s Farralone estate in Chatsworth goes on sale

List Price: $12 million

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The Property: The Farralone estate has as elaborate and prestigious a history, as the features of the property itself. Commissioned by Ms. Dora Hutchison, and built by Pereira & Luckman in 1951, this estate was the venue of many famous parties, which had the famous and powerful names doing the rounds, and holding private parties here. Marylyn Monroe’s last photo shoot and famous conversation with Jack Kennedy, plus stars like Judy Garland, Ava Gardner, Lucielle Ball & even Vicente Minnelli got married within the premises. Famous blues singer Frank Sinatra then bought it over for a few years before selling it off. Spread over 9.5 acres of area, this estate has over 10,000 sq.ft of living space including the bedrooms and bathrooms, living area, conference room and offices, apart from the detached areas like the gymnasium, guest house, vineyard, swimming pool, and parking space for over 200 cars. Also the road leading to the estate is known to be an exclusive one meant for the owners and guests of the property.

Farralone Estate outer view

The Setting: Exclusivity, privacy and grandeur are the apt terms for the setting of the estate. Apart from the main living area including the drawing rooms, dining room, living room and bedrooms with their bathrooms in the main mansion, there lays separate areas for private pools in the guest house, as well as the main house. Also for those who like the outdoors, there is a vineyard surrounded by lush green vegetation also using for horseriding, and space for parking 200 cars. The exclusive road leading to the main gate of the estate is another addition.

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Interior and Exterior: Like most vintage properties over time, this estate has also received many changes over the years. Some of the distinguishable characteristics include the modern design, and the proximity to the open nature outside. On entering the main house, one can’t help but notice the 13-foot high ceilings, use of glass paneled doors and windows, apart from the modern décor inside, even though construction dates back to the middle of the last century. On a far away view of the estate, one would agree to the description, ‘The great glass mansion that perches like a lighted jewel on its own hilltop’, for its alleviated position.

Farralone Estate interior view

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Facts and Figures:

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· Was host to guests like Judy Garland, Lucielle Ball, Ava Gardner, Vicente Minnelli, and Marylyn Monroe, many of whom got married here.

· Was the venue for the last photo shoot of Marylyn Monroe, and also a venue for conversation with Jack Kennedy which grabbed headlines later.

· Was once owned by the known order Paxil singer-actor Frank Sinatra.

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Via: Farralone Estate/ Forbes

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