Franklin Mint mints Taj Mahal in gold and diamonds for the coin collectors

Andrea Divirgilio / November 15, 2010

tajmahal coin
The fine tradition of gifting gold sovereigns continues to dominate as one of the most popular gift etiquette around the world. And the Franklin Mint has made the experience even richer for the coin collectors and connoisseurs with the release of the Taj Mahal Gold Coin. Minted and designed by the world-renowned Monnaie de Paris, the Taj Mahal Gold Coin is not only the first depicting this one of the seven wonders of the world, but it is the world’s first coin to include 68 hand-set Cartier diamonds. tajmahal coin2
The reverse side of the coin shows the coin as legal tender with a face value of 200 Euros and the UNESCO logo. The coins are made of over 2 lbs. of solid gold. Only 29 of these coins will ever be produced, and they are exclusively available for purchase after the official release on November 17, 2010, in the United States by The Franklin Mint for a price tag of $3,299. The coin is housed inside a custom leather Goyard trunk.

For those who are slightly low on budget but have set their hearts on this gilded Taj Mahal, 1,000 coins for the 1-ounce gold coins worldwide are available for sale on Franklin Mint for a price of $3,299.

tajmahal coin1

Via: Luxist/WSJ/

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