Frauscher 1017 LIDO to debut at Cannes Boat Show 2012
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Frauscher 1017 LIDO to debut at Cannes Boat Show 2012

Frauscher 1017 LIDO to debut at Cannes Boat Show 2012

Frauscher, the Austrian shipyard is known for its luxury speedboats ever since its inception in 1927. The company’s three generations of boat building continues with excellent craftsmanship and innovation including the world’s only hybrid speed boat, that is environment friendly, as well as, delivers the same performance of a petrol powered boat. The Frauscher Hybrid boasts zero emissions on the electric engine and works much like a hybrid car. The latest flagship boat to debut is the Frauscher 1017 LIDO.

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The Frauscher 1017 LIDO continues the advancement of the Frauscher 1017 motor yacht fleet, which was planned in two different versions, with 1017 GT launched earlier this year and winning accolades for "European powerboat of the year."

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The 33-foot 1017 GT was known as Frauscher’s most spacious boat. The 1017 LIDO too inherits a special lounge feel from its sister, while boasting diverse features to maximise the comfort of the driver and his guests, including a bimini canopy for the forward and stern lounge areas to provide protection from excessive sunshine.

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Besides the two tables bow area can be lowered and easily converted into a generous lying surface. The toilet is hidden under the center console freeing up more space for a demanding experience on the water. The Frauscher 1017 LIDO has a unique character known with its outstanding design and aesthetics. The 1017 LIDO designed by Thomas Gerzer is 9,99 m in length and can reach a top speed of 45-58 knots. The boat can accommodate ten people. The 1017 LIDO will premiere at the Cannes Boat Show from 11th to 16th September.

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Also, check out the F 909 Benaco and the special edition 686 Lido.

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The other luxury yachts to premiere at the Cannes Boat Show 2012 includes Benetti's longest yacht "Diamonds Are Forever" and 5000FLY La Pellegrina, the largest French superyacht fully built in Kevlar Carbon.

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