Frauscher 909 Benaco – Luxury daycruiser for stylish yachting

Andrea Divirgilio / February 15, 2008

909 benaco

Check out the 909 Benaco motor yacht from the house. The Frauscher 909 Benaco is striking in every way, be it the performance, generous space, first-class design or its fittings. Weighing 3200kg, the yacht has a length of 909 cm and a width of 299 cm and offers sleeping facilities for up to 4 people. It’s an ultimate day cruiser for stylish yachting. It gets its power from two Volvo Penta engines (5.7 liter displacement, 320 hp) or two Marine VW TDI V6 engines (3.0 liter, 225 hp). It has already reached a top speed of over 80 km/h. The lavish interior features the instrument board, timbered skin, decorative line sofas, a table and black wooden doors. The cockpit comes with white folding table seat upholstery, adjustable seats, and harmonious variable lighting lamps for reading. The Volvo model is priced at 228,650 Euros while the Marine VW model will set you back 248,650 Euros.

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