FROG4.0 One-Piece chair promises a playful PC experience

Andrea Divirgilio / March 18, 2011

bone frog one piece chair

Chairs with built-in speakers and other multimedia capabilities are not a new thing to us. In the past, we have seen some of the best multimedia chairs audiophiles would love to sit on. The Frog4.0 One-Piece chair from BONE is a complete setup, which they say has already been liked by a majority of youngsters. Taking design clues from a frog, the FROG One-Piece PC chair boasts stylish and novel color assortment as well as a scientifically healthy motive structure. The seat, equipped with pedals, is adjustable, with an up-down adjusting range about 10 cm and a left-right range of 360-degrees.

The included remote control can adjust the posture within 15-degrees, keeping the distance between eyes and the screen unchanged during the adjustment. For the music lovers, the lively seating unit comes equipped with a hi-fi system, connected with the host and installed with concealed power amplifier, for high quality sound. The attachments include a fashionable hold pillow, host case, installation instruction, after-sale card and remote control.

UPDATE: The Frog4.0 One-Piece chair costs $450 with low standard configuration and $680 with the high standard configuration.


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