From concept to realism – Sony Sountina glass speakers

Andrea Divirgilio / May 28, 2008

sony speakers amHV7 5784Just today morning, over a cup of coffee, I was discussing with a mate about the need to aspire and dream to grow. I believe that only if we dare to dream for something more and inimitable then can we achieve it in reality. Doesn’t matter if it takes time. Like last year Sony had atypically dared to unveil its tubular non-directional prototype speaker and volia, today they have actually managed to put it on the shelf. Christened as “Sountina” speaker (NSA-PF1), it features a transparent organic glass tube which vibrates and expands sound to 360 degrees. Rendering a frequency response of 50Hz – 20,000Hz, this aural glass loveliness also packs an input line, and coaxial, Optical, a subwoofer speaker (13cm) and a medium speaker of 7cm. Not to miss out on the organic glass tweeter too! Though nothing is mentioned about the output power, we definitely know that you will need to foot a bill of 6,500 Euros (about $10,200) to make ’em stand in your living room.

via Akihabara / Gizmodo / Engadget

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