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Fujitsu LifeBook Pink Gold – Beauty of power, and the power of beauty

Andrea Divirgilio / July 1, 2008

fujitsu gold HYMVq 17649

Here comes the Fujitsu LifeBook P8010 Limited Pink Gold Edition, now with 3.5G. The notebook is pure beauty mixed with sophisticated computing power, sporting an elegant look and the best known tech specs. This Pink Gold version kicks the visual appeal to new heights. The high-gloss finish and the signature chrome hinges by themselves are enough to stun, but then design goes further by adding the nice curved accent line on the cover, the only one of its kind, for extra sleekness. Besides being the perfect machine to gaze at, the Lifebook P8010 3.5G is also the perfect business machine to work with. It is stacked with the power of an Intel Duo-Core processor, 2GB or RAM, and a generous 250GB of Hard Drive storage. What’s more, it has some of the best mobility specs available, with a super battery life of 6 hours, 3.5G wireless technology, and an extremely light weight of 1.3Kg (2.9lbs).

When it comes to visual optimization, this notebook is not only excellent to look at, but is also good for viewing on; in other words, it has a great monitor. It has a 12.1 XGA widescreen monitor, and as a plus, the screen edge is set to a thin 5mm for an even wider viewing space. Discover what it’s like to own a powerhouse that is the cynosure of all eyes with the Fujitsu P8010 3.5 notebook.

via Fujitsu

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