Fully Customizable High Tech Multimedia Table –Able Gleams with 23 karat Leaf Gold Top

Andrea Divirgilio / February 29, 2008

able multimedia table
We have earlier seen some fabulous multimedia tables from some local players including the stealth multimedia tabletop and recently, the TouchTable TT84. Another addition to the list would be this oddly named “-able” multimedia couchtable from KufnerFutures which unlike its name is totally fascinating with its 23 karat leaf gold look and marble flipable keyboard. The company’s website is a turn-off just like its name with almost a small piece of spec-list that reads -able can contain one or two screens from 15″ to 34″, touchscreens, one or two flipable keyboards and audio. The multimedia table is fully customizable and the top and sides can be made out of any material of your choice: glass enamelled, printed, stone, wood. Computers or multimedia players can be chosen freely: windows, apple macintosh, linux systems, thin clients or just dvd-players. And, last but not the least the company claims, the hi-tech tabletop is endurable to the extent that you can even dance on it…completely partyproof…in case your girlfriend goes berserk to do a number on it! The company’s punch line perfectly summarizes it; it’s desirable, fashionable, presentable, endurable and customizable! Check-out Gallery for more finishes.

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