Furdess recreates Peugeot Swildens Desk in numbered editions

Andrea Divirgilio / December 15, 2011

Peugeot isn’t all about lending its modern designs to automobiles alone. In the past, it has presented us with testimony like the Bell & Ross SR1 concept watch, which displayed the French brand’s creative streak. But making a comeback after the initial unveiling in the 1960’s, is the famous Peugeot Swilden’s desk, 3 samples which were placed at the foyer area, of the then newly created head office in Paris. French designer Furdees, is bringing alive the special piece of furniture all over again, with the help of the original designer, Ben Swildens for a limited edition production run of 8 desks.

Peugeot Swildens Desk

The reason why this piece of furniture became as iconic as it is today, was the innovation of bringing utility, abstract design, and the concept of creating a piece of furniture with no visible signs of welding on it. Made for receptionist at the head office in Paris, these desks were made from a single large chunk of stainless steel, which was then molded into this abstract shape. Even with the current batch of 8 desks, the same procedure has been followed to ensure, that the furniture comes alive exactly the way it did in the mid 1960’s. Then, a final engraving and individual numbering has been done to denote the fact, that this is indeed an exclusive and rather novel piece of furniture one is buying. The place where it is all happening is Lon in France.

Swilden's Desk on display

A lot of 3 units of this desk will be on sale from next year, with a price tag of $87,000 each, and the rest to be sold individually, later. If one manages to visit Brussels Antiques and Fine Arts Fair around January 19, 2012, then one can get a chance to see it in person, and perhaps even take a shot at buying it. However, for those interested in other such blends of automobiles and designer furniture, then do take a look at Art Ball & Egg furniture which were made with inspirations from classic racing cars.

Via: Furdess/ Luxury Insider/ Gizmag

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