Futuristic Snake Road motorcycle looks like a cobra ready to strike

Andrea Divirgilio / October 28, 2010

snake road concept motorcycle

Resembling a cobra that’s ready to strike, the Snake Road concept motorcycle by French designer Bruno Delussu enjoys a highly futuristic design combined with the established elements. Bruno Delussu is the same designer who gave us the stunning Bugatti Stratos concept. The Snake Road motorcycle draws inspiration from the Imperial Speeder bike from the Star Wars films and the awe-inspiring creations of Simon Daniel. The futuristic cruiser has been christened the Snake Road for the fact that the raised and flattened area of the motorcycle looks like a cobra ready to strike.

Instead of an electric motor, the concept bike gets its power from a traditional internal combustion engine. The inclusion of a large analog speedo dial gives the motorcycle with the fiberglass design a retro touch. The Snake Road motorcycle, with its unique make with a hint of nostalgia, looks inviting enough to attract avid bikers.

Via: Diseno-Art

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