Garia 2+2 multi-functional golf cart for luxurious trips to tee-off

Andrea Divirgilio / August 27, 2011

Garia 2+2 golf cart

Golf has been a prime choice of weekend sport amongst the uber-rich, so it was all too obvious that the gears used in the sport, get its share of luxury tones. Garia has been on the forefront in this regard with its luxurious golf carts which are known for sophisticated design and functionality, as we had earlier shown you in the Garia golf cart, which was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. Now combining functionality and luxury together, they introduce the 2+2 model which has been given extra space for passengers, along with safety belts and dual-tone trimmings for a stylish appeal to the vehicle.

With the compact design and engine capabilities, the cart could be your ideal vehicle for making trips within the golf course or even to your local market, as the cart has been equipped with road legal safety belts, and is also easy to handle. The other features of the cart include 58 liter boot space, which can be used to store your golfing equipment or anything for your emergencies. Also, there are the non-slip foot rests and additional space beneath the seats for 4 passengers, which also can be used for a variety of purposes, such as storing jackets or umbrellas. Since we mention the additional space for 2 extra passengers other than the driver and the host, the cart is ideal for taking short trips around your home, or simply teeing off with a bunch of your close folks.

Garia 2+2 golf cart

For those who are enthusiastic about golf gears, you could take a look at our coverage on the most expensive golf carts, and the variety they provide. As for this one, one can always look back to it as a high end stylish option to aim for.

Via: Garia

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