Göbel unveils the Epoque Reference loudspeakers

Andrea Divirgilio / October 8, 2011

Epoque Reference speakers from Gobel

Carbon fiber isn’t limited to limited edition and high-end vehicles alone. They have extended to items of everyday use, and other electronic products such as speakers. We saw some examples in the Prerennaissance speaker set and also the Carboton Maitresse, which used this material to create some great acoustic devices. Now the turn came for the Gobel to use it to create the Epoque reference masterpieces.

With two options in terms of colors including the brilliant white and black, the majority of the speaker’s body has been created out of aluminum, which has been given anodized treatment to give a special smooth finishing. There is also the option of taking a semi-gloss finish if one pleases. Even though the structure is in a vertical format, the technicalities have been well taken care off to ensure that the sound dispersion quality isn’t affected adversely. The drivers are the patented Gobel bending wave driver with 4 long throw chassis and 8 aluminum passive radiators, which improves the circuitry within.

The housing or build of the speaker set is in acoustically composite board with acoustic baffles (which includes 15 mm aluminum), and the membrane uses 9 different layers of carbon fibers which is rarely used, but results have hopefully been pretty good. The frequency response measures between 20Hz-31MHz, which is a very wide range.

Whether it’s the low delicate blues or the heavy and high metal, or anything which may be fall in between, the speakers ensure realism and optimum quality of what you end up hearing. This is also partially aided by the fact that there are 12 woofers in this set of 6 outlets. The screen that you would notice is perhaps the controlling panel.

When compared in terms of aesthetics, one might take a pick towards some of the more decorative ones. But only the conditioned audiophile will be able to spot the fine nuances of sound output, that may be differentiate between the examples we earlier spoke about, and the current Gobel Epoque reference speakers.

Via: Gobel/ 6 moons

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