Genesis redefines high-end audio with its 7.2 series loudspeakers
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Genesis redefines high-end audio with its 7.2 series loudspeakers

Genesis redefines high-end audio with its 7.2 series loudspeakers

Genesis 7.2 series loudspeakers

Genesis had been in the business of redefining the way everyone listens to sound through its versatile set of high-end speaker systems, such as we see in next-gen 2 series and 2.2 junior series. Taking care of the need for tower speakers with high sound dispersion capabilities for different kinds of rooms and maintain the multi-dimensional sounds, Genesis has bought in 3 new speakers in the 7.2 series of speakers; 7.2 petite (G7p), 7.2 convertible (G7c) and the floor-stander (G7f).

All new models in the series use the flagship Genesis tweeter, in addition to the titanium cone mid/woofer and the crossover topology which increases the sound disperse and imaging capabilities. The G7p (petite) is known as passive bass contour control that allows delivering of greater amount of bass through a wide range of sounds, creating a greater depth in them. This is aided by the fact that there are separate tweeters on the rear and front of this speaker. The next in series is the G7c (convertible) which is best used as a singular speaker for left, right or even central positions. The main characteristic of this set is the sound dispersion capability in areas which are limited in size and hence hasn’t got much space for a bulky set. The last is the G7f (floor-stander) set which is characterized by its servo-controlled bass system with class D amplification mechanism, which means low frequency sounds of up to 22Hz is given the right amount of bass support for them to be heard clearly.

However, there is a strong suggestion from the company, laying emphasis on the importance of the choice of speaker set and room size. Mr. Gary Leonard Roh suggests,

In a small room, a large loudspeaker would over-power the room and this would result in boomy bass and a loss of articulation. The Genesis 7-series are designed without compromise for small rooms -- rooms that would be too small to accommodate one of our larger loudspeakers. The more expensive Genesis loudspeakers are not necessarily better, they are just larger, and would need a larger room to really "sing". We don't use cheaper drivers or cheaper crossover parts or take manufacturing shortcuts with the 7-series loudspeakers. We just make them smaller.”

The pricing for these speakers have been done, keeping in mind the needs of the consumers. G7P comes at $2,950 while G7c at $3,950 and G7f would cost you $8,950. For the prices you pay, you can be assured of high quality audio-devices with titanium finishing, and most importantly high quality sound images placing you ‘thin the scene’.

Via: Ecoustics

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