Geoffrey Parker’s Most expensive Backgammon set costs $387,890
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Geoffrey Parker’s Most expensive Backgammon set costs $387,890

Geoffrey Parker’s Most expensive Backgammon set costs $387,890

Ever since its inception in year 1958, Geoffrey Parker, a traditional British manufacturer of world’s finest bespoke games and gifts has been designing and creating products for the world’s luxury stores, casinos, corporations and private commissions. Over the times, the brand has impressed us with its incredible works of art, which includes the luxury Coffee Game table, a contemporary game table that stores 33 games and the world’s most expensive poker set for $7.5 million. And, now again Geoffrey Parker explored all the avenues in the world of Backgammon game to bring in the world’s most expensive Backgammon set that cost a staggering amount of $387,890.

Backgammon half open

Geoffrey Parker, which has been crafting hand-built Backgammon games for the champions and aficionados, has now further pushed ‘the boat out’ and is offering this fabulous game in an exotic and unusual way.

87-Ex Alligator & White gold Backgammon case, closed

Described to be a tournament sized Backgammon board in Alligator/Stingray, this exotic game set comes with an Alligator playing field with Shagreen points and with solid 18ct yellow and white gold stones set with a 1 ct diamond each.

White & Yellow gold stones with 1ct Diamond

Further, there is also a diamond set doubling cube where all of the numbers are made up of diamonds meticulously set into 18ct white gold.

Backgammon open

Also, the four dice are agaian crafted with 18ct white gold and set with 27 diamonds each. The case when closed measures 605 x 375 x 85 mm.

Detail of Shagreen & Alligator field

This bespoke and limited piece of exotic Alligator/Stingray Backgammon set with Gold & Diamond stones along with other hand-crafted games by Geoffrey Parker, are being offered at an acclaimed luxury gifting website named GiftVault.

Via: GiftVault

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