George Clooney’s Tesla Roadster Up for Auction to support Sudan Charity

Andrea Divirgilio / July 31, 2012

Noted for his social and sometime political activism, the actor and the epitome of a class act, George Clooney, who has already devoted much of his time, money, energy, and even got arrested for his actions against human rights abuses and accusing Sudan’s president and defence minister for orchestrating systematic killings in Sudan, is now pledging his sports car to aid victims of the crisis in the Sudan. The car in question is the sleek black metallic electric 2008 Tesla ‘Signature 100’ Roadster, which is valued between$100,000 and $125,000, for sale at the highly anticipated auction by Gooding & Co., the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on 18 and 19 August. Proceeds of this car sale will benefit Clooney’s organization Satellite Sentinel Project, which keeps tabs on the volatile Sudan border via satellite to help prevent the return of full-scale civil war between Northern and Southern Sudan. Notably, Clooney has long been a passionate voice about the humanitarian crisis in Sudan.

George Clooney’s Tesla Roadster Up for Auction to support Sudan Charity

The lady’s man George Clooney’s ‘thrilling to drive’ 2008 Tesla Roadster is a limited edition Signature 100 model, and is painted obsidian black metallic and sports a two-tone leather interior. The car carries the serial number 0008 and has only 1,700 miles on the odometer. Actually, the auto manufacturer Tesla shook up the auto industry back in year 2008, when it launched its high-performance Roadster, which actually helped electric cars shake their established image as slow, ill-handling relatives of golf-carts.

George Clooney’s Tesla Roadster Up for Auction to support Sudan Charity

The actor purchased the car in 2008 itself, and was one of its first high-profile buyer, helping to promote the start-up brand. Offering a range of 244 miles per charge, the low-slung electric coupe is quicker than today’s some of the exotic sports cars.

As per the auctioneer Gooding & Co., the sale of George Clooney’s Signature 100 Tesla Roadster is an incredible opportunity for collectors to get their hands on a modern collector car with all the elements what today’s savviest collectors’ desire most; one-owner, celebrity provenance, limited edition, beauty, rarity, historical significance and the philanthropic ties.

However, internationally celebrated auctioneer, Gooding & Co. aims to capture the international car collecting community of buyers and sellers at the upcoming Pebble Beach Auction on 18 and 19 August, with the sale of some of the most desirable collectors cars, including the historic Von Kriegner’s 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540 used by beautiful Baroness Gisela Josephine Von Kriegerwell. The sale also offers multi-million-dollar racing Ferraris, besides the Jay Leno’s Fiat, and an Andy Warhol-owned Scaglietti.

Via: InsideLine

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