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United States
Net Worth $ 26 Million
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Born on: 6th Jul 46 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: American politician and businessman
George W. Bush, son of former United States president George H. W. Bush, was born on July 6th 1946. He too is the only president to have an MBA under his name. Because he was the son of George W. H. Bush, he too had his share of making things work. In 1988, he and his family moved to Washington just to help his father on the upcoming US presidency elections. He became he liaison officer to the media as well as the campaign adviser of his father. George W. Bush, having a net worth of $26 million, purchased a share in the Texas Rangers baseball franchise way back April of 1989 since the campaign was successful. Bush declared his Texas gubernatorial candidacy in 1994. After his term, he ran again for office in 1998 and won the succeeding elections. It was the first time in Texas that there has been a governor in Texas elected to two consecutive four-year terms. The following year, Bush expressed his desire to go for the Presidential seat in the next elections and also won. On his eighth month being a president, the September 11, 2001 or known as the 9-11 attack happened. He responded to the terrorists with a War on Terror which was an international military campaign. This included the Afghanistan war that started in 2001 and an Iraqi War which began in 2003. Aside from military activities, this former president focused on social security reform, economy, education as well as health care during his term. Various laws have also been enacted while he was seated as president. Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, broad tax cuts, No Child Left Behind Act, PATRIOT act as well as the Medicare prescription drug benefits intended for the seniors. However, in 2007, the United States experienced the Great Recession. The economy was going down the drain and there has much to be done. Multiple economic programs have to be put into place just to keep the nation’s financial system from continually degrading. It is said that George W. Bush had the “best” of both sides. He had the highest recorded presidential approval ratings due to the 9/11 wake but also had one of the lowest approval ratings due to the 2008 financial crisis.
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George W. Bush Estates and Homes (1)

Dallas Home

The Preston Hollow house is said to be a single-story home which has a light-red brick covering it. It has 8,500 square feet and provides so much security for the Bush family.

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Watching Baseball Games

Tending the Ranch

George W. Bush Autos and Cars (1)

Ford F-150

George W. Bush Holiday Destinations(Getaways) (1)

Crawford Ranch of George W Bush.

George W. Bush Cause (9)

Airlift Research Foundation

This organization was created to fund orthopedic research and also to increase public awareness of traumatic extremity injuries of the military and civilian survivors. This research funding allows others to know how to protect their limbs, treat injuries in the field as well as rehabilitate the life quality of those war survivors and other future orthopedic trauma patients.

Clinton Bush Haiti Fund

Because of the huge earthquake that hit Haiti, lots of individuals were killed and injured. President Barack Obama asked Presidents Bill Clinton as well as George W. Bush to raise funds immediately for Haiti's cause. This is where the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund was created. The goal of this organization is to focus on the ummet needs of the country. Add to that, they aim to give back the country's economic opportunity and improve the quality of life for the survivors.

Kids Wish Network

The organization aims in assisting children and families by various key programs that honor and comfort these brave children who are experiencing tough times.

National Park Foundation

This is the official charity of the US parks. This charity is working closely with the National Park Service in ensuring that the parks are preserved and will still be seen by generations to come.

Operation Smile

Thousands of children are born with a cleft and, more often than not, their families are unable to have this deformity corrected. Operation Smile is there for them and provides them with the necessary reconstructive surgery without payment. This is to give them new hope that will come from their new smile.

PeacePlayers International

The group uses basketball to bring in the children together and teach them effective and proven tactics that they can use to improve their community. The organization caters to several countries like Cyprus, South Africa, West Bank, Northern Ireland and Israel.

Red Cross

Red Cross has always been present in any calamity and it is because of their goal to provide relief to the victims. Add to that, this organization is also there to help people prepare for the worst and giving aid to those suffering.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Breast Cancer has taken so many lives and ruined a lot of families. Because of this, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure charity aims in curing the aforementioned cancer at every stage. They also help empower people and ensure quality care for everyone. Add to that, they can also give community grants for breast health and treatment.

The Salvation Army

This international movement is an part of the Christian Church. They base their message on what is in the bible and the ministry is motivated due to the love of God. This organization can provide you with support for every problem.

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A Few Brands that Former President George W. Bush Wears



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