German Luxury Tuner DMC’s tuned Porsche Cayenne 958 to debut at Top Marques Monaco show

Andrea Divirgilio / April 16, 2012

After the Lamborghini Aventador got dressed up in the unique stripes of the DMC experts, it’s now the turn of the Porsche Cayenne 958 SUV to don the similar kind of colors at the Top Marques Monaco event this year. Donning the special Terra 650 car kit with 6 special parts in carbon fiber, this Porsche will some improvements on its engine, apart from some aggressive styling changes on the SUV exterior, which shall add to the already premium experience of the luxury vehicle. This offering comes as an offering from the Dusseldorf tuner, who is now looking to up the ante for the rich folks, who uses premium variety of cars on a daily basis.

DMC Porsche Cayenne 958

In terms of the exteriors, the additions on the front and side angles are the most significant. Apart from the central stripe of red and black running from the front to the rear, the side skirts, side mirrors, front bonnet center, and rear spoiler are the latest fits. Created with carbon fiber, they add a new line to the look of the SUV which the patterns which form as result of the fabric.

DMC Porsche Cayenne 958

When the exterior have been done, the engine can’t be fire behind, can it? Using special turbo chargers of titanium and aluminum, the air intake to the engine have been increased for the engine. This would enable better fuel combustion, which in turn gives a better mileage and more power output. The traditional engine which gave out 500 PS earlier, will now give out 650 PS thus making the thrill rides even better. However, at what price will be sold, hasn’t been disclosed and one would have to wait for that. However, if you looking for other makeovers of the Porsche Cayenne, then the Mansory signature is indeed the worthy look.

DMC Porsche Cayenne 958

His Majesty Prince Albert II, Royal Prince of Monaco, who is the protector of the annual luxury super car show TOP MARQUES in Monaco got attracted to the stands of German tuner DMC’s exhibition booth and stopped over to get the details of their newly launched carbon fiber vehicle, Porsche Cayenne.

Royal Prince of Monaco Albert II at the DMC tuner exhibition booth

Via: DMC

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