German tuner DMC unveils Lamborghini Aventador LP900 Molto Veloce special edition

Andrea Divirgilio / March 21, 2012

Now that the Lamborghini Aventador is out there in the luxury car markets, creativity to further modify its aesthetics seems to be on an overdrive in the recent days. Just a while back, we had spoken about the Boeing inspired Aventador and the J Aural Assault Aventador, which tweaked the external aesthetics of the supercar. Now German design house DMC, has created another avatar for the Lamborghini Aventador, by naming it the Molto Veloce special edition. Costing $165,761 (€125,000) for the entire make over, this kit will actually include some additions on the exterior, along with adding to what already comes under the hood of the car, in its engine.

DMC Lamborghini Aventador Molto Veloce

Beginning with the exterior changes, one sees the carbon fiber spoiler sword and the front spoiler lip which are the biggest changes around the car’s area. The rugged design was always there, but pairing them with these frontal additions, with the new skirts does a lot to stabilize the vehicle. If not on lower speeds, the high range will always challenge the vehicle aerodynamically, and anything which adds to its stability and stronger road grip is welcome. Then comes the story of carbon fiber diffuser, and the additional tunnel system on the rear end, which is known to lend a helping hand to the rear axle, hence further topping the stability factor.

DMC Lamborghini Aventador Molto Veloce

When it comes to the engine, some new design changes will be noticed, which could make a positive difference for the driver who can spot it out. That would be the 12 single intake throttle plates on the 12-cylinders of the engine, along with modifications like the electronic load pressure control system included with its new wiring circuit should rev up the explosive engine even further. This could mean an even more responsive pick up, and a quicker ability to break speed barriers.

DMC Lamborghini Aventador Molto Veloce

Though DMC suggests that you transport your Lamborghini to their outlet in Switzerland or Germany, but certain retail stores would also distribute their products. The body components would retail for $25,888 (€19,500), where as the engine upgrade could take around $106,215 (€80,000). Also the retail partner ADV1 offers a rim package for $10,356 (€7,800), but it depends on the buyer where they get the work done.

DMC LP900 “Molto Veloce”: Styling for the Lamborghini Aventador from DMC Exotic Car Tuning Limited on Vimeo.

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Via: DMC

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