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World’s most expensive manicure to get you glittering for $51,000

Andrea Divirgilio / March 24, 2011

iced diamond manicure cherish me If you think a bling tooth worth $10,000 or the most expensive stilettos for $150,215 are passé, and still believe “Diamonds are girl’s best friend,” then here is some news for you! A company called Cherish…ME has offered the world’s most expensive “Diamond Manicure.” The treatment is known as ” Ice Manicure” by Cherish Angula which will include an arrangement of exclusive cut diamonds of 10 carats, but not everyone can afford this since it is worth $51,000. If you are worried about the aftercare of the manicure leave it to Cherish and team who are expert in the maintenance and removal of the diamonds. The service for luxury lovers is available in Dorchester , London. katy A few days ago famous celebrity Katy Perry was seen with her embellished diamond nails on Twitter that looked just stunning, and seems the pricey manicure is catching up with celebs, and it’s all the more obvious because this expensive nail art is affordable to the people with heavy pockets. If you think $51,000 for a manicure is a bit expensive, you can also go for the second best option, which is for $32,000 done by Leighton Denny owner of Day Spa and Saloon in London. This embellishment is offered in diamonds, sapphire and ruby as well. Via: La Moda Dubai/ Cherish-Me

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