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Giant Crystal-Covered Bear Painting ‘Secret Garden’ by Farhad Moshiri sells for $1 million

Andrea Divirgilio / April 17, 2013

A closer look at the trends in the art collection auctions of this year, and there seems to be a distinct presence of Islamic art changing hands across the globe. After the recent Islamic gold coin auction by Morton & Eden, a giant Crystal painting by Farhad Moshiri bought in $987,750 at an auction in Dubai headed by Christie’s. The pre-sale estimate was around $500,000, which makes a final sale price an increment of 97.6% on the initial calculations. With the aggressive bidding process, and the renewed interest in buying collectible works of art, Dubai is fast becoming a long term sustainable market, where coveted art pieces are exchanging hands, and the trend is on the up swing, as per Michael Jeha, the head of Christie’s in the Middle East. However, the ‘Secret Garden’ crystal covered painting, is another feather in the cap of artist Farhad Moshiri who became the first Middle-Eastern artist to sell a piece of artwork for more than $1 million in 2008.

Secret Garden painting by Farhad Moshiri features extensive use of crystals and glitter paint for a fantasy scenery

The ‘Secret Garden’ is a multi-colored crystal studded painting, where a child is shown in the arms of a bear, lost into his own dream world. The child is seen dressed in his night suit, where as the garden in which he lies in the arms of the bear, is depicted via the multi-colored flowers and trees. What it also represents, is the artist Moshiri’s vision of how he depicts Iranian culture, as he had mentioned in 2010. Other than crystals, metallic glitter paint, beads, and even nails have been used to create this painting. It seems the ‘Secret Garden’ continues to be his version of ‘all you can eat buffet’, as he mentioned his work to be.

Via: Christie’s

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