Gibson Firebird X is a self-tuning guitar and runs apps too
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Gibson Firebird X is a self-tuning guitar and runs apps too

Gibson Firebird X is a self-tuning guitar and runs apps too

Gibson Firebird X limited edition guitar

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When it comes to combining amazing aesthetics, path-breaking technology and optimum quality in musical instruments, only few do it better than Gibson Guitars. The latest evolution, Firebird X, brings technology that most of the Retin-A to sale high-end computing devices seem to boast of, including self-tuning sound output, Bluetooth paddles, and plug-in interface for computers. This user-friendly interface is bound to further popularize the Firebird, which was first introduced during the 60s.

The Gibson Firebird X boasts of a light weight sleek body, which has been given satin finish with its 2 color options, generic of prednisone generic of prednisone prednisone online fast delivery Brand Viagra purchasing Plavix online red and blue. The finishing is a non-sticky one, which doesn’t allow the surface to get filled with dust or fingerprints. Some of the high-end tech features include the 3 mini humbuckers with side-by-side coils, hexa-phonic Piezo bridge pick up which also has a noise eliminator, lower power consumption circuitry, and integration with an application store where software developers could post new software to be used on the guitar. This integration also allows one to color and set the sound output to a kind that would suit the player, so that even the tuning doesn't need to be done manually. If wiring becomes too cumbersome to handle, there is always the Bluetooth paddle which will help you connect your guitar to the computer. That’s like stepping into a whole new 4th generation in high-end guitars!

The Firebird X will be available in a limited edition of 1,800 pieces. Each of them will cost you $5,570, and will have the original documentation, and a specially created bag of the guitar. This bag shall keep your guitar in perfect shape, and can even bear the shock of falling from the 6th floor of a building! Also, check-out the other limited edition guitars including J-200 limited edition, Gibson & Renault Gordini combo, and the limited edition guitars from their 2010 collection.

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