Gibson Les Paul 25/50 limited-edition guitar from 1978 listed for £100,000 at eBay

Andrea Divirgilio / October 22, 2011


Gibson and Les Paul partnership was previously seen in our coverage of the 1960 edition of the guitar, and it seems, the demand for it has never really diminished. In 1978, when the 25th of Les Paul and 50th of Gibson anniversaries were celebrated, there were 100 limited edition guitars created jointly by these companies, and one of these is now slated to go up for sale on eBay, albeit with a premium price tag $159,535 (£100,000).

What drives this particular piece to be special is its unique history. During the 1978 release, Tim Gentle had purchased the guitar as a part of his collection, and more so a long-term investment. After more than 30 years of keeping it in storage, with hardly any usage over these years, it has been put up for sale with a premium price tag. Considering the nostalgic value of these instruments, it won’t be long before someone takes a grab of this maple top 6-string guitar. Among the list of specialties we know of, it includes a limited edition production run of 100 pieces, hand craftsmanship of luthiers from Kalamazoo, and of course, the use of rare maple wood. From our experience of covering these things, maple wood is supposed to be one of the most sought after for musical instruments, because of the quality of sound it gives out. Also, with the easy connectivity to amplifiers it’s ideal for your get-together’s or private gatherings. Hence, if you have the dough, bid quickly before someone else does!

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Via: Sonic State/eBay

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