Gifts for audiophiles

Andrea Divirgilio / December 10, 2008

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for a true audiophile can be both easy and challenging. Considering the fact that the market is flooded with a range of products for music lovers, you might find it a bit hard to lay your hands on the just right thing. After the Holiday Gift Guide for Him, Her, Home and Discerning Traveler, we are here to help you with the gift selections for audiophiles.

$100 to $500

• Vestalife Ladybug Speakers Dock for iPod

ladybug Y5Jzk 48

It’s not a real ladybug. In fact, your girl who happens to be a true audiophile would simply love it. The Vestalife Ladybug Speakers Dock for iPod features built-in three inch subwoofer, a USB connector, LED volume indicators and remote control. The Ladybug supports all kinds of iPod models. You`ll love its stylish design, soft-touch finish and unique flip-down speaker wings, which will make the Ladybug your new favorite way to listen to music. The Vestalife Ladybug Speakers Dock for iPod is available at Target for $109.99.

• Brionvega TS 522 portable radio

brionvega ts 522 portable radio 9Kyw2 48

Unlike technology, style remains for the longer period of time. Looking for something unique? You can try the Brionvega TS 522 portable radio, which combines the charm of the past with modern technology. Its unique shape of a cube with rounded corners and a glossy finish makes it worth a buy. Offered in black night, red, white snow, sun orange, yellow sun and green mint, the TS 522 portable radio is available at Singulier for $387.

• Engraved iPod Touch 32GB

ipod touch nnNZl 48

What could be better than an engraved iPod touch for an audiophile? With a 3-inch widescreen multi-touch display, built-in speaker, accelerometer and 3D graphics, the iPod touch 32GB stores 7000 songs. Since you won’t be charged for engraving, it makes for a great gift. Just add a personal message and I bet he/she will never forget it. The iPod touch 32GB is available for $399.

• Shure SE420 earphones

shure se420 NrIAw 48

The Shure SE420 earphones are precision engineered to enrich you with a listening experience that’s true to live performance. The Shure SE40 is gifted to cut off 90 percent of ambient noise and still manages to pack two drivers, tweeter and woofer, into its minuscule body. They sit perfectly and tightly in the ear like most of the canal phones. The Shure SE420 earphones are available in white or black for $349 and $399 respectively.

• Diamond iPod Shuffle

diamond ipod shuffle AQM7M 48

If you are planning to gift something to one who loves the bling things, this diamond iPod shuffle by John Harrington is the just right thing. The Diamond shuffle has been laser etched with his signature “Renaissance” motif and is festooned with five excellent quality diamonds. The beautiful blinged creation sells for $443.

• Branex Design’s iTam Tam docking station

itamtam LvfL2 48

Listening to your iPod with headphones is not a great solution when you are home with family or friends. Here is when you need the iTam Tam docking station for iPhone and iPod. The high-tech stool boasts universal docking for all iPod models and iPhone and also its cord adapter allows any type of audio source including MP3 player from other brands. iTamTam will pump your favorite music through its 2 x 25 W stereo and speaker. It also features 50W digital amplifier technology and a remote control. The iTam Tam is available for $466.

• Bose portable music package

bose cR4IS 48

The Bose portable music package has everything you need for portable iPod enjoyment. This iPod accessory package includes the SoundDock Portable system, Bose in-ear headphones, and a SoundDock travel bag. The Bose portable music package is available at the company site for $472.

$500 to $1500

• Aerosystems loudspeakers

aerosystems Rwo9U 48

Developed by Jean-Michel Jarre, the Aerosystems is a system of loudspeakers designed to deliver high-quality sound for the true audiophiles. From conception to production, Aerosystems banks on the latest technologies, finest materials and innovations. The envelope of the enclosure is done in ultra-resistant glass and there is an integrated amplifier in the base of the enclosure. Aerosystems is compatible with iPod 4th generation (color display), iPod 5th generation, iPod mini, iPod nano, Pod touch and the iPhone 3G. You can buy them at the product site for $581.

• Tivoli Audio NetWorks Radio

tivoli audio networks radio dFpfZ 48

In case you didn’t like the colorful Brionvega TS 522 portable radio, check out Tivoli Audio’s NetWorks Radio in Wenge/Gold that delivers clear reception of any station, near or far, with no need for a computer. It plays the music stored on your computer in any room in your home or office. The simple yet technologically-advanced NetWorks radio is available from the site for $600.

• Ermenegildo Zegna’s iPod iJacket

ipod ijacket 68g5s 48

It’s something an iPod lover will really admire. The Ermenegildo Zegna’s iPod-ready iJacket controls the iPod with a subtle control pad on the left sleeve. The iPod can be stored in a plastic pouch inside the jacket. Besides, it looks more fashionable and elegant in red. The jacket can be washed like any normal jacket, without any extra care. The iPod iJacket is available for $750.

• BoomCooler

boomcooler cxdg1 48

Bring the party wherever you go. The BoomCooler is perfect for the beach, barbecue and tailgating. The portable music player comes with cooling traits, AM/FM radio, two Sony Xplod speakers, an 1100-watt subwoofer and a 4-way amplifier with a 600-watt output. It is also compatible with most of the audio players, including iPod. You can buy one from BoomCooler for $899.

• Shanling MC-30 Music Center

shanling mc 30 music center AyC4x 48

Looking for an iPod dock with an interesting and inviting make? Look no further than the stylish Shanling MC-30 Music Center that combines a high quality CD player, AM/FM tuner, dedicated iPod input and tube power amplifier in one chassis. Its brushed aluminum squat chassis with eye-catching blue LED highlights adds to the overall beauty of the system. The Shanling MC-30 Music Center is available at ElusiveDisc for $995.

• Geneva Sound System XL

Here is one powerful complete stereo system, crafted in a single cabinet made out of piano lacquered wood. With its built-in stereo tweeters, woofers, 8-inch subwoofers and powered by a 600-watt high fidelity digital amplifier, it will deliver a sound performance that competes with the sound produced by large and expensive stereo systems. The Geneva Sound System XL touts an iPod universal dock and is also compatible with other MP3 players. The XL stereo system is available from GenevaLab for $1,499.

• Art.Suono music enhancement system

art VsYVd 48

Dubbed the Art.Suono, it’s an iPod docking station introduced by the Ferrari famed David Wiener Collection. With inputs for computer audio, CD players, MP3s, satellite radios, and an iPod dock, the Art.Suono combines innovative technology with luxurious design. The Art.Suono wireless music enhancement system is available from DWCollection for $1,499.

Wow Gifts

• Sonance Kayak loudpeaker

sonance kayak wH7aB 48

Aren’t they sexy enough to gift to someone? The Sonance Kayak speaker is no ordinary sound system, but a unique piece of art. Developed by NACSound, the Sonance Kayak promises stereo sound from a single, stylish speaker. Kayak is designed to be suspended horizontally between two opposing walls or pillars, or vertically between floor and ceiling. It is capable of doling out 60W with a sensitivity of about 86dB. You can buy one for a cool $2,900.

• Meridian F80 audio system

meridian f80 INXag 48

You won’t think twice about the Meridian F80 audio system. This beautiful, high-performance compact system is blessed with CD/DVD player, AM/FM/DAB radio and alarm functions. Jointly designed by Meridian and Ferrari, the F80 has three power amplifiers that can deliver more than 80 watts of sound to the speakers and the subwoofer. The drop-dead gorgeous Meridian F80 audio system is available for $2,995.

• Waterfall Audio glass speakers

victoria evo OkjTv 48

From the form factor, it looks like the Waterfall Audio glass speakers would cost a fortune, but to my surprise, they are not that expensive. The special glass used in the making gives us a feeling that the drivers are just floating in the air. The two models, Victoria EVO and the Iguascu EVO, are available for $5,400 and $3,900 per pair respectively.

• iDiamond Ear Headphones

idiamond r8P7L 48

Looking for some bling-bling gift? Check out the “iDiamond ear” earphones designed by Heyerdahl jewelry. The sparkling iDiamond ear is made of 18 karat massive gold, set with a total of 204 diamonds, totaling to 1.65 carats. The diamond-studded iDiamond headphones will set you back $6,400.

• Sonic Chair

sonic chair FSsLk 48

Aimed straight at true audiophiles, the Sonic Chair is a pod-like seat that puts its occupant in a personal sound space and minimizes the unwanted ambient sounds. Audio sources connect with the help of line-level inputs. The chair’s speakers are crafted and placed in the bowl to enrich the user with great bass and focused acoustics. Available in 35 colors, the Sonic Chair is available for $7,560.

• Sooloos Ensemble music management system

sooloos ensemble DUJlr 48

Whether you own a one-room home or a mansion, the Sooloos Ensemble music management system is simply meant for you. With Sooloos’ simple, intuitive touchscreen interface and incredible ease of use, consumers can interact with their entire CD and MP3 audio collections like never before. The unit comprises storage/playback Ensemble server and Sooloos’ Control:One touchscreen interface. The server includes an optical drive and USB port, 1TB of storage space and compatibility with other control systems, including Crestron remotes and Apple’s iPod touch/iPhone. The Sooloos Ensemble music management system is available for $7,900.

• Transport pod bed

transport pod bed 48 npirz 48

So, you need something other than the docking stations and speakers. If you’re into music and total relaxation, the Transport Pod Bed from designer Alberto Frias will be right up your alley. The Transport perceptual pod is equipped with Anthony Gallo‘s four-inch Nucleus Micro speakers and a 240-watt MPS subwoofer and creates a sensual light, sound and space environment. The temperature-controlled waterbed surface also has the ability to perform a crazy LED light show. It can be integrated in with your iPod or computer. The Transport Pod Bed is available for $16,000.

• Kaleidescape Home Theater System

kaleidiscope Qs7x5 48

The Kaleidescape System simplifies the way you collect, manage and enjoy movies and music. Once your personal entertainment collection is stored on the Kaleidescape System’s fault-tolerant servers, you can say goodbye to DVD and CD clutter and the frustration of storing and organizing your movies and music. The Kaleidescape System uses high-speed networking to deliver your favorite movies and music throughout your home. The Kaleidescape System comprises three primary components: servers, movie players and music players. They can be combined in myriad ways to deliver movies and music seamlessly throughout your home. Pricing starts at $22,500.

• DaVinciAudio Labs’ AAS Gabriel turntable

davinciaudio aas gabriel GgkUE 48

If your dad thinks that the best way to listen to music is on a high-quality old-fashioned analog turntable, surprise him with DaVinci Audio Labs’ AAS Gabriel turntable this Christmas. It comes equipped with highly stable drive chassis, acoustically sound turntable, silent bearings, and stable power supply. It has been designed in a way to produce absolutely zero noise or vibration. The 24-karat gold and white Luxury Edition sells for $41,250 while the silver and black version is available for $35,400.

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