Gifts for Collectors 2010

Andrea Divirgilio / December 10, 2010

gifts collectors

Creating a dream collection takes years of dedicated research and a good deal of luck at auctions and galleries. After the gift guides for your eco lovers, kids, Apple lovers and audiophiles, we bring to you some of our unique gift selections for avid collectors.

1. Piston Desk Watch

piston desk watch

Dubbed the Piston Desk Watch, this table clock from MotoArt is made from a classical Jacobs radial engine piston produced in 1940s, giving the clock an antique look. Machined at a 60-degree angle, the piston watch allows a comfortable viewing position while resting on a table. The limited edition (5,000 in number) Piston Desk Watch is available for $119. With holiday season in full swing, the antique watch could well be an interesting gift for the close ones.

2. Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne Gift Set

dom prignon vintage champagne gift set

The enthusiasm has been on a all time high with Dom Pérignon pioneering the exclusive sale of finest vintages from grapes grown on 100 percent rated vineyards. The Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne Gift Set contains one bottle of Dom Perignon Vintage 2000, one bottle of Dom Perignon Rosé 1998 and one bottle of Dom Perignon OEnothèque 1995 to evoke exoticism. Priced at around $960, the gift set offers a rare opportunity to experience mature Champagne aged in perfect conditions.

3. Ralph Lauren’s Hammond collector chess set

ralph lauren hammond chess set

If you are looking for an exclusive chess set that will tempt the richest of the folks to plan a move, you might want to consider Ralph Lauren’s Hammond chess set. Priced at $1,995, the Hammond chess set is made from rich leather and blackened nickel. The blackened nickel board and chessmen flaunt a minimalist modern design, and the black leather base houses all game content. The plaque under lid bears the signature “Ralph Lauren” and a unique number that describes the chess set as a rare collector’s item.

4. Taj Mahal Gold Coin

tajmahal coin2 epgui 12

The fine tradition of gifting gold sovereigns continues to dominate as one of the most popular gift etiquette around the world. The Franklin Mint has made the experience even richer for the coin collectors and connoisseurs with the release of the Taj Mahal Gold Coin. Minted and designed by the world-renowned Monnaie de Paris, the Taj Mahal Gold Coin is not only the first depicting this one of the seven wonders of the world, but it is the world’s first coin to include 68 hand-set Cartier diamonds. The reverse side of the coin shows the coin as legal tender with a face value of 200 Euros and the UNESCO logo. Priced at $3,299.

5. Genco Berk’s DeLight humidor

genco berks delight humidor

Austrian designer Genco Berk’s DeLight humidor will surely appeal to you. The DeLight cigar box is inspired by ancient Chinese coins and is designed to convey a heavenly experience to the discerning cigar lover. The box is crafted in a round shape with a lid finished in black glossy lacquer with a rectangular bronze mirror on the top. The corpus is crafted in Zebrano veneer with clear glossy lacquer coating. The humidor has storage space for as many as 80 cigars and it features a Spanish Cedar lining inside to control the humidity. The Delight humidor will set you back $4,400.

6. Ferrari F10 at 1:8 Scale

ferrari f10

One of the newest creation from the house of Amalgam, the new 1:8 scale Ferrari F10 Formula One car as raced to victory by Fernando Alonso in the 2010 Italian Grand Prix in Monza is a delight for auto collectors. Being offered in a limited edition of 99 pieces, the Ferrari F10 at 1:8 Scale comes for £2950 (about $4,660).

7. Prancing Horse silver sculpture

prancing horse silver sculpture 2l5cy 48

Straight from Ferrari Store comes this limited edition silver sculpture of the Prancing Horse, a legend in the history of motoring and the symbol of the Maranello House throughout the world. The very symbol reminds us of the year 1923, when Ferrari won his first trophy in Savio and met Countess Baracca, from whom he received an inscription and an invitation to use the Prancing Horse as a good luck charm on his own cars. Only 99 units will be offered for sale, with each costing $6,664.

8. Dinosaur Dung Watch

dinosaur dung watch

This amazing watch is sure to interest collectors. Switzerland-based company Artya has designed the Dinosaur Dung Watch with its face made from fossilized dinosaur dung and the strap is made from an American cane toad. The watch adorns an $11,290 price tag.

9. Enzo Ferrari Opus

enzo ferrari opus

The Official Ferrari Opus book from the luxury publisher Kraken Opus is a delight for Ferrari fans and collectors alike. The book features in-depth interviews with renowned personalities, exclusive photo shoots and rare archive images, present and future of Ferrari, Formula One racing pits action and the signatures of all living Ferrari champion drivers. The Enzo edition of the book costs £20,000 (about $31,650).

10. Monte Carlo Casino writing desk

monte carlo casino writing desk

Created to impress the serious collectors, this incredible architectural writing desk pays tribute to one of Monaco’s most notable landmarks – the Monte Carlo Casino. The famous casino was built by architect Charles Gariner, founded by Charles III of Monaco and opened in 1856. The incredibly detailed one-off writing desk by Viscount David Linley, the bespoke cabinetmaker who is a nephew of the Queen of England, features the building as its central gallery, with stylized archways on either side. Priced at about $100,000, Linley’s architectural desk inspired by the Monte Carlo Casino is one true work of art worth a museum or a collector’s study room.

11. Big Block Winder

big block winder

Based on a Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron engine block, the amazing the BIG BLOCK WINDER by ORIGINTIMES stores your 16 valuable timepieces. A small touch panel integrated into the architecture of the engine block helps control the complete watch winding system. Each watch winder inside can be individually programmed as per the requirement of the respective watch. All modules can be handled simultaneously as per the user’s liking. During stop-, pause- and sleeping-mode, each watch automatically aligns in the 12 o’clock position. It sells for over 90,000 Euros (about $118,980).

12. Aston Martin DB5 1:4 scale gold sculpture

aston martin db5 scale gold sculpture

In the luxurious world of automobiles, a cadre appreciates the sculptural elements of the fine engineering through their expression on canvas for rest of the world to treasure its lasting effect. Swiss artist Dante belongs to one of those cadres and his 1:4 scale sculpture of the Aston Martin DB5 sports coupe is sure to appeal to the collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. It is finished in gold and mounted on a luxurious piano black display plinth, within a glass cabinet. Yours for CHF 150,000 (about $152,920).

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