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Andrea Divirgilio / December 6, 2008

When it comes to buying gifts for the home, we know it’s not an easy job. It’s more than a challenge to find the right holiday gift for home, especially when technology and luxury have taken over most of the stuff and the shelves are flooded with a range of gift ideas for home. After the Gift Guides for Him and Her, we’re here to help you with our Holiday Gift Guide for Home. You will most probably find something you want in our unique gift selections for the home. So, sit back a while and check them out.


• Sorapot tea pot

sorapot HuIdX 48

Personally, I’m not a big tea drinker, but I won’t hesitate recommending the Joey Roth’s fabulous Sorapot tea pot. This stunningly beautiful teapot uses an arch of investment-cast stainless steel to house a Pyrex tube that lets you watch as the tea leaves unfurl inside. The stylish Sorapot is available for $200.

• Peugeot Electric Corkscrew

peugeot electric corkscrew VGWJY 48

A wine enthusiast does need a fine bottle opener. Need some ultra-fast, high-performance way to open a wine bottle? The rechargeable Peugeot Electric Corkscrew will uncork your wine bottles in seconds with the press of a button. The elegant stainless-steel cordless corkscrew fits any size bottle and removes natural, synthetic and composite corks in milliseconds. You can buy the Peugeot Electric Corkscrew at Chefs Catalog for $120.

• Meridian i80 Universal iPod Dock

meridian i80 qwIpD 48

Looking for a nice iPod dock this Christmas? The name Meridian exudes exquisite engineering and elegant style and their i80 Universal iPod Dock is no exception. The very stylish and appealing iPod Dock allows you to control the iPod with a remote or front panel buttons and view song information on its OLED screen. The i80 iPod Dock is available at the Meridian Store for $399.

• Vinotemp Thermoelectric Humidor

thermoelectric humidor vinotemp mjw8L 48

This one a great gift for a cigar connoisseur. The Vinotemp’s Thermoelectric Humidor maintains the freshness and taste of your cigars. The adjustable temperature control and thermoelectric cooling system will help keep your cigars at just the right temperature. It can hold 100 cigars at a time. The humidor is available at Vinotemp for $199 plus $39 as shipping charges.

• Urban Tool perCushion

urbantool percushion 74SDa 48

This could be a really different gift you can buy this Christmas. The Urban Tool perCushion is an unique mono-speaker cushion that features Bluetooth connectivity. The perCushion offers you the ability to answer a call, adjust the volume, and stay connected with a speaker and microphone. The Urban Tool perCushion will be available prior to Christmas for around $500.

• Swarovski-studded Toaster

crystal toaster f5vxg 48

So, you are a bling thing lover. This Swarovski-studded toaster might be the just right thing for you. Apart from the 200+ Swarovski crystals on its body, the toaster actually has some bread-friendly features like variable browning control, extra-lift handle and crumb tray. This blinged toaster is available at Neiman Marcus for $300.


• Jura Ena 5 coffee machine

jura ena 5 uh4BR 48

For those looking for the ultimate coffee solution, the Jura Ena 5 fully-automated espresso maker is a fantastic buy. Claimed to be the world’s slimmest fully automatic coffee machine, measuring only 23.8cm in width, the Jura Ena makes and serves ground and brewed coffee at the push of the button. Available in a numerous choice of colors and finishes, the Jura Ena 5 is available for $870.

• Solar Powered Garden Shower Unit

garden shower itPbP 48

If you love to take a shower in your garden onthis Solar Shower Unit is just what you are loking for. Simply connect the shower up to a garden hose and the sun takes acre of the rest.The solar shower unit can produce hot water up to 50°C. The solar powered garden shower unit is availble at for Proidee for $851.

• TouchDiva Entertainment Device

touchdiva touchscreen music device Vz1yX 48

TouchDiva is a great buy for music lovers. The entertainment device isn’t portable and can be installed anywhere inside the home. For $13 a month, you will then be able to gain access to a huge music catalog, courtesy of EMI, Warner, Sony-BMG and Universal. Touting a sexy minimal design, the device has a 15.4-inch touchscreen display and Bang and Olufsen 125-watt amps. You can buy the TouchDiva for $1,100.

• Brunopasso pod espresso machine

brunopasso pod espresso machine ChgPH 48

By bringing home a piece of designer perfection, you certainly make your own home breathe with elegance and luxury. The Brunopasso pod espresso machine is inspired by Italian sports cars, with a gearshift-like handle and dashboard-style gauges. The gorgeous Brunopasso pod espresso machine is definitely a bargain at around $850.

WOW Gifts

• Garagiste by WinePod

gargagiste winepod IDare 48

If you love to make your own wine, you better consider the Garagiste by WinePod. This entry level personal winemaking system combines fermentation, pressing and aging in one neat unit. It comes with WineCoach, the first interactive winemaking software, which gives step-by-step instructions to the amateur winemakers. The Garagiste by WinePod sells for a cool $1,999.

• Fuego 02 Electric grill

feugo grill G4Ra9 48

Love grilling? Check out the Fuego 02 electric grill, the industry’s first outdoor, electric plug-in grill with an island configuration. It features slate and teak countertops with hidden storage, a fully retractable weather lid, built-in wheels for easy mobility and a cast iron, enamel-coated grill grate. The Fuego 02 electric grill is available for $1950.

• LavaboSinks Moody Acquario

There is something about aquariums that is just so cool. If you are tight on space and have no extra room for an aquarium, the LavaboSinks Moody Acquario looks to be a great buy. The sink glass top is secured by the waste, and can be lifted easily to maintain the aquarium. The exotic aquarium also has a power circuit to facilitate lighting, water-circulation, oxygenation and filteration. The LavaboSinks Moody Acquario is availble for $2,555.

• Ultimate Kitchen Combo by John Lewis

ultimate kitchen combo 1YPLH 48

Without a doubt, the kitchen is the heart of every home. Bring home this Ultimate Kitchen Combo by John Lewis this Christmas or simply gift it to someone. This unit includes a LCD digital television, coffee machine, an electric oven, steam oven and steam cooker. The Ultimate Kitchen Combo is available for $4,500.

• Hoverit Lounger

hoverit lounger 48 UQ8PR 48

Here is something very special for this holiday season that will make you feel like floating in the air. You won’t need to get nirvana for the Hoverit Lounger. The levitating chair, precision engineered and built by hand, uses magnets that repel magnetic forces and gives the impression you are floating in the air. Permanent magnets can also help back and muscular problems, and headaches. The Hoverit Lounger is priced at $8,580.

• Mobile Wine Bar Kefren

The holiday time has already marked the onset of the party season, and if you have still not shifted into party mode then this Mobile Wine Bar Kefren will set the party mood for you with the wine flowing. The air-conditioned trolley bar features dual temperature controls for wine tasting and serving with 5-10°C in the upper section and 11-18°C in the lower section. The luxurious Mobile Wine Bar Kefren is available for $9,950.

• Wooden Spira Shower

spira shower Z2giJ 48

The Wooden Spira Shower is nothing less than a work of art. The unit combines wood and metal in the most aesthetic manner possible to end up becoming an art piece. It has been designed to enrich you with the fresh sensation of a warm tropical rainstorm. The stunning Spira Shower features six strategically placed hydromassage whirlpool nozzles built into its classy wooden body. The sexy wooden Spira Shower is priced between $15,500 and $18,650.

• Poggenpohl Multifunctional Dining Desk

dining desk 9c5m9 48

This is one great buy for home this season. The unique Poggenpohl Dining Desk features a functional area that slides open to reveal a recessed channel, in which you can install kitchen items such as a grill unit, ice tray, or segmented cutlery bin. The slender, large-size dining table can be opened lengthwise either by hand or with the aid of an electrical motor. The open center can be filled with kitchen tools and appliances. The Poggenpohl Multifunctional Dining Desk sells for $7,000 for a basic version in marsh-oak veneer to $47,000 for the Statuario marble version.

• Hollandia Platinum-Luxe Elite sleep system

hollandia elite bed EoLyy 48

Multimedia beds are in trend right now, and if you are looking for one this holiday season, do take a look at the Hollandia Platinum-Luxe Elite sleep system from the house of Hollandia International. The luxe bed features a retractable 32-inch Sony Bravia HDTV integrated into the bed’s footboard. The Elite is also equipped with a Sony Bravia theater system that includes a five DVD/CD changer, a five speaker surround sound system, a subwoofer beneath the bed for a complete hi-end experience, and an iPod docking station. To top that, the bed gently adjusts to a comfortable reclining position. The Platinum-Luxe Elite sleep system is available from Hollandia for $35,000.

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