Gifts for Rich Kids – $112,000 Gilded Asprey Animal Rocker, Most expensive Lego Brick and More

Andrea Divirgilio / December 11, 2012

The born-rich kids of the high net-worth individuals and celebs have had everything to play with ready, before they were even born. Starting from the most expensive baby items, to designer clothes, their parents love to splurge as much as they can to buy their beloved tots everything exclusive. Notably, the celeb couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z spent more than $1.5 million on toys including a $600,000 solid-gold rocking horse and $20,000 on a PoshTots cri, while Bullock purchased a $14,000 Andy Warhol “Peaches” print for her son, Louis, and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie spent $7,000 on a private boat for Pax’s 7th birthday. Here for the likes of the parents looking forward for baby luxury shopping this festive season, we have compiled a list of some exceptional gifts, which include vintage carousel, inflatable sports arenas, small cars, and rocking horses, to name a few.

Gifts for Rich Kids

1). 1918 Herschell-Spillman 32′ Carousel

Price: $250,000-$500,000

1918 Herschell-Spillman 32' Carousel

A wonderfully restored and operation example of an American carousel of the earlier 20th Century, the 1918 Herschell-Spillman 32′ Carousel which is an outstanding example of the Herschell-Spillman Company’s very impressive works is now being offered for sale. This particular carousel is reported to have operated at the Big Top Market in Florida on Saturdays and Sundays for 10 years, 12 hours a week, 52 weeks a year.

1918 Herschell-Spillman 32' Carousel

It features two animals abreast with 14 sweeps, and it also includes 16 large-sized, all wood, antique Alan Herschell jumping horses, circa 1920. There are six jumping baby-sized cartoon figures, circa 1950, with two spinning tubs and two carved chariots, and is illuminated by the roughly 550 light bulbs.

1918 Herschell-Spillman 32' Carousel

Described to be one of the most interesting and dramatic pieces in the Staluppi Collection, it’s expected to fetch as much as $250,000-$500,000.

2). Asprey Elephant Rocker

Price: $112,035 (£75,000)

Asprey Elephant Rocker

The British luxury brand with a heritage that dates back to 1781, Asprey which is noted for offering an extensive range of gifts, jewellery, watches, leather, silver, bone china, crystal and rare books, all available in its flagship New Bond Street store, is now offering an ultimate gift this Christmas, the Elephant Rocker. range of gifts, jewellery, watches, leather, silver, bone china, crystal and rare books, all available in its flagship New Bond Street store.

Asprey Elephant Rocker

This Elephant Rocker designed by Donald Chaffin exclusively for Asprey is actually the lastest in the Asprey series of fantasy animal rockers designed by Donald Chaffin, the well-known English illustrator of “Fantastic Mr Fox” fame . This year’s elephant took 5 months to carve from American white oak and has a red leather handmade saddle. The gold details are achieved by applying individual leaves of 24ct gold which is then buffed to a high shine. The hand gilding details includes carving up to the edges of the gold leaf giving slightly uneven lines as it’s not possible to mask the gilded areas. The elephant rocker measures 203cmx141cmx61cm .

Asprey Elephant Rocker


3). Most expensive Lego Brick

Price: $14,449

Most expensive Lego Brick

Worth more than its weight in gold, this ultra-rare 14-carat Lego brick that was among a series given to employees who had worked at the Lego factory in Honewestedt, Germany for 25 years, as well as couple of select business partners, between year 1979 and 1981, is now up for grabs at BrickEnvy, the noted online seller of collector’s edition Lego sets.

Most expensive Lego Brick

This single brick Lego shares the official standard size and shape of the Lego brick, 2 x 4, and was crafted from 25.65 grams of 14 carat gold. (BrickEnvy)

UPDATE: One of these 14 karat gold bricks went up on online auction, and it sold for a record breaking $14,500, making it the most valuable Lego item in existence. Offered in its original navy blue presentation case, it weighed 25.65 grams and features eight of Lego’s famous patented interlocking nodules.

4). Mini Seven

Price: $11,370

Mini Seven

Mini Seven, a proportionally correct child’s vehicle house of Mini Electric Vehicles has its design detailed throughout, from the classic body, signature front lights, matching seats and racing steering wheel. This children’s car has been built from strong steel chassis using a bulletproof Honda motor.

Mini Seven

The Mini Seven is being claimed to run safely on a tarmac or in a field.

5). Stevenson Brothers oak Acorn rocking horse

Price: $7,717

Stevenson Brothers oak Acorn rocking horse

Experts in the production of wooden rocking horses since 1982, Stevenson Brothers rocking horse makers offer an oak Acorn rocking horse which boasts a real horse-hair mane and tail. Handmade using only the very best materials and traditional craftsmanship at maker’s Kent-based workshop, this horse rocking chair with an oak base comes for a price of $7,717.

Stevenson Brothers oak Acorn rocking horse

Notably, the products can also be personalized with your initials, family tartan, family crest or even the logo of your favorite sports team. (RockingHorses)

6). Crocodile Dish

Price: $780

Crocodile Dish

With a straightforward passion to make people happy, Amsterdam-based Piselli Projects has been developing products that shall convey humor, beauty, conscious awareness and a bit of absurdism, offers this pure white ceramic crocodile candy dish. This exotic item has been especially designed to add an element of chic surprise to your table. (PiselliProjects)

7). The Inflatable Backyard Sports Arena

Price: $600

The Inflatable Backyard Sports Arena

This sports arena that impressively inflates in just 2 minutes has been designed to provide an energetic bouncing space for anyone playing 4 different sports. Available at Hammacher Schlemmer, the arena’s integrated nets, goals, and baskets enable the kids to play energetic games of bouncy volleyball, football, soccer and basketball. And for the safety, it features a safety net that spans the entire playing area.

The Inflatable Backyard Sports Arena

The included air blower plugs into AC and keeps the arena constantly inflated to an optimal firmness that ensures vigorous bouncing. (Hammacher)

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