Gilded Lily’s ‘Jewels of Hope’ Auction to fetch $20 Million for charity
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Gilded Lily’s ‘Jewels of Hope’ Auction to fetch $20 Million for charity

Gilded Lily’s ‘Jewels of Hope’ Auction to fetch $20 Million for charity

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The auction garners much interest that surrounds the jewels on display. Besides the diamond, ruby and sapphire pieces weighing close to 30 carats, a major 18 piece JAR collection will hold testimony to the artistic ingenuity of its creator, Joel Arthur Rosenthal. The Parisian Rosenthal is revered by connoisseurs as the finest jewelry designer in the last 30 years. Rosenthal’s exclusive 18 piece JAR collection is considered one of the largest and finest private collections so far from the designer to be offered on sale. A rare 34.98 carat Beau Sancy diamond will be on offer at the auction. This bespoke pear shaped rose-cut stone symbolizes Marie de Medici’s coronation ceremony. Queen Consort to Henri IV of France, she wore the jewel on her crown in 1610 . Sotheby estimates this gem at $2 million-$4 million.

Christie to auction Lily Safra's jewels

Another inclusion is the 2003 JAR creation of ruby and diamond camellia flower brooch that is estimated close to $1.5 million. This custom made jewelry piece is divided into a three dimensional flower pattern which has been designed exclusively for Safra.

Beau Sancy Diamond

A 34 carats classic rectangular-cut diamond ring forms part of the sale and is considered a personal favorite by Safra. The piece is a wedding gift from her late Lebanese banker husband, Edmond J. Safra .

A 1982 poppy brooch is styled distinctly which has been created by combining fine and semiprecious jewels with pink and green tourmaline stemmed flowers, twinned around the central diamond. The ensemble of jewelry pieces is reminiscent of Lily’s exquisite taste as is depicted in the watery-white diamond and the wine-red ruby and. The philanthropic stance adds somber to glamor and is worth the wait!

Via: NYTimes

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