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Gina Carano Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 3 Million
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Born on: 16th Apr 82 Born in: United States Marital status: Single Occupation: Actress, Model and Mixed martial arts fighter
Gina Carano is a famous mixed martial arts fighter and noted television personality who first hogged the limelight with her appearance as “Crush” in the hugely popular TV fight show “American Gladiators”. The American has tasted success in films with movies like “Blood and Bone”, “Command and Conquer” and the spy thriller “Haywire”. The artist has also been credited as being the “Face of Woman’s MMA” in addition to the honor of being ranked as the third best female Mixed Martial Arts fighter in the world in the 66kg category. Gina’s impressive talents in fields as diverse as martial arts and film acting have enabled the lady to reap a rich financial harvest swelling her net worth to more than 3 million USD. Carano’s prowess in the fighting ring has ensured that she is one of the highest paid female martial arts specialists in the world. Gina’s moderately successful film stint has netted her close to $ 2 million. The champion has also starred in a Pepsi commercial and posed on the cover of a sports magazine. Carano’s increasing prosperity has provided the tools to satisfy her desire of living a luxurious lifestyle. The lady loves to live in big mansions and purchased a massive villa in Las Vegas a few years back. Fast cars have always been Carano’s passion and she has shown a distinct preference for driving Japanese sports cars. Gina is a big video game fanatic preferring to spend part of her spare time glued to the X-Box. Carano loves to party with her friends and frequently embarks on vacations to de-stress. Gina adores pets and is particularly fond of cats. The fighter has participated in a few charity bouts to raise money to help out the underprivileged section of society but otherwise has not shown much preference for philanthropic work. Gina Carano was born in Texas, in a middle class family to a homemaker mother and a father who was a professional footballer. She has two siblings and benefitted by growing up in a stable family environment. From her school days itself Carano took an active interest in sports like basketball, volleyball and softball. The highly educated actress holds a master’s degree in Psychology. The fitness model’s colorful personal life has been the subject of gossip for many tabloids. The artist dated fighter Kevin Ross for a few years before breaking up with him. Carano was also in a serious relationship with Muay Thai fighter Kit Cope but unfortunately the affair didn’t last long and the couple called it off more than five years back.
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