Girard-Perregaux Swan-themed Cypris Tourbillon for Boucheron
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Girard-Perregaux Swan-themed Cypris Tourbillon for Boucheron

Girard-Perregaux Swan-themed Cypris Tourbillon for Boucheron
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In continuation of the 2011 Hera Tourbillion and the 2010 Ladyhawke Tourbillon, Girard Perregaux and Boucheron combine forces for the third time to create and present their latest range- Cypris Tourbillon Black and White Swan three gold bridge tourbillon watch. If the limited edition vintage 1945 Three gold bridges watches, we had earlier told you about, were masterpieces in their own right, the newest collection has all the makings of a great art piece. Paying ode to the Swan’s graceful posture, the Cypris Tourbillon black and white swans three-golden bridge watches represents the perfection combination of master artistry on one hand and technical excellence on the other.

Cypris Tourbillon black and white swans three-golden bridge watch

Featuring exquisite architectural designs, the Tourbillon with three gold bridges represents the Hallmark of Girard-Perregaux design around the world. The amount of skill and technical prowess required to produce these pieces has consolidated order Cialis their position among the most beautiful in existing watch making complications.

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Recognized the world over as the symbol of fidelity and love, Swans embody romance and purity. In tribute to this famed union, Boucheron- the celebrated jewelry makers offer their Cypris Tourbillon with three gold bridges pieces in two complimentary shades- Cypris Turbillon White Plumage and Cypris Turbillion Black plumage.

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Cypris Turbillion Black plumage

Embellished in diamonds the Black Plumage’s case oozes with style and distinctiveness. Colors literally marry each other to reflect the mesmerizing shimmer of the wings. Violet and blue sapphires and black spinels compose the overall setting, which in turn, is made up of 1,380 precious tones decorating the plumage’s wings. Boucheron, for its White plumage, has used close to hundred blue sapphires, blending with over seven hundred round diamonds. buy prednisone online usa cost of prednisone without insurance generic prednisone

Cypris Turbillon White Plumage

The signature Girard-Perregaux bridges have been Furosemide online done in white gold. The birds in the both the black and white plumage versions, moreover, flaunt beaks set with coral and onyx.

Swans, which symbolize the goddess of love and unity in Greek mythological traditions, have inspired Boucheron line-ups back through time. The bejeweled Boucheron and Girard-Perregaux watches yet again takes inspiration from the birds-themed jewellery designs that have always fascinated the high-end jewellery lovers, combined with high-end watch making. 8 jan 2014 ... magnet to zyban zyban reviews bupropion hcl zyban skutki uboczne alcohol want to buy zyban 150mg in internet mastercard without ...

The spectacular collection, nonetheless, proves to be par excellence. Girard-Perregaux’s extraordinary mechanism guarantees accurate time measurement using expertise of fifteen different professions. In a definite mark of exceptional quality, each and every piece is handcrafted and polished several times in succession to acquire the best results. The bridges, buy Clonidine Online therefore, are no longer restricted to being mere technical components of the item. They come to embody aesthetic pretext for the designs.

For those who did not know, designs for the three bridges were conceived and approved in the year 1884. They were later re-designed in the shape of arrows and placed parallel to each other. And in 1980, Girard-Perregaux came up with twenty exceptional pieces conforming to the 1889 original. The tourbillon with three gold bridges has been offered in different versions since then. The latest to join the ranks, the tourbillon featuring swans, will, therefore, carry on the legacy of a century old tradition.

Via: Timezone/Girard-Perregaux

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