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Give Way to the Turntables by Basis!

Andrea Divirgilio / September 5, 2007

Basis Audio is one of the leading turntable manufacturers of the world, which guarantees high quality systems to the music-lovers. They do not intend to make a hole in your pocket, but are inclined towards ‘high performing’ products which perform steadily year after year.

Audiophiles fancy the quality of vinyl as a musical source, and the very best turntables are built on a philosophy of weight and stability. What content comes out of the audio system, depends on the integrity of the input signal. Therefore, proper engineering is required at the source because distorted information cannot be amended further down the chain.

Basis turntable makes use of a self-contained Resonance Annihilator, which plays the role of isolating it from vibration. The vibrational energy is neutralized by being transformed into heat energy, which is then efficiently dissipated.

The fascinating design of the Basis turntables can be compared to that of the Horological Machine No.2, by MB&F. Both the brands lay emphasis on high performance of their products, and for them, form definitely follows function.

Basis Audio’s stunning, range-topping and limited edition Work of Art is a sure eye-catcher!

Via: Mbandf

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