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Gizmo-Loaded 1994 Mercedes Benz S600

Andrea Divirgilio / July 7, 2006

1994 mercedes benz s600

If you are a die-hard James Bond fan then you must be a gizmo-freak too for sure and might have many-a-times dreamt of driving a luxury gizmo-loaded car too just like Bond does in his films…haven’t you!! Then, here is one such wonderful vehicle with hi-tech features. Though, you might think of this 1994 Mercedes Benz S600 as a plain old model, but, this is infact loaded with worth $350,000 of gadgets and gizmos on board.

mercedes benz s600

The car is titled ‘Kaos’ and it includes reinforced bumpers, headlights with built-in strobe lights, fire control tank with lines going to both the engine and trunk, pistol hiding space in driver side air bag, a working ‘CODE 3″ system for police, fire, ambulance sirens, air horn, a P.A. system, built-in Radar detector, refrigerator,ice box and mini bar, hidden rear mounted surveillance camera that can be seen on all 4 TV monitors.

And, the list doesn’t ends here..the doors of the vehicle also features Oxygen masks in the armrests and touch screen security system that controls machine gun or shot gun firing system, oil slick and smoke screen. The ultimate Bond-like vehicle started-off with a filthy expensive price tag of $110,000.

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