Eco-friendly Zen 3D fireplace by GlammFire

Andrea Divirgilio / February 1, 2011

zen 3d fireplace

GlammFire has now taken the wraps off its innovative Zen Fireplace that incorporates a new eco-friendly, 3D technology. Zen lends a whole new feel to the traditional ambiance associated with fireplaces. An efficient and highly practical water vapor release system generates a virtual flame, that looks and feels remarkably realistic – be it from any distance. The inner mechanism of Zen comprises LEDs embedded in ceramic-made wood logs, wherein water vapor is used to simulate smoke.

The system also regulates the intensity of the lights in tandem with the emission of the vapor, in order to deliver a realistic version of an actual wood fireplace. The Zen is tailor-made to easily integrate into any contemporary living space.



Via: DigsDigs/Facebook

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