Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Scotch whisky bottles setting record prices

Andrea Divirgilio / May 6, 2012

Founded in 1886 by William Grant in Scotland, the Glenfiddich Distillery has so far impressed the whiskey lovers with its unique taste and limited edition bottles, which are equally perfect for collectors as well. The premium scotch maker have earlier sold a rare bottle of Glenfiddich whiskey, bottled in 1955, dedicating it to Ms. Janet Sheed Roberts, the daughter of William Grant and the oldest woman in Scotland, who celebrated her 110 birthday last year. The bottle sold was the 2nd of the only 11 bottles of the rare whiskey from the Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve, which was released for public sale, with each one to celebrate her life’s each decade and honor her legacy. Now, again another rare bottle of Glenfiddich whiskey from the very same lot has been auctioned for $67,825.

Rare bottle of Glenfiddich whiskey

Created to honor Janet Sheed Roberts, this 55-year old single malt was bought by the famous World Duty Free Group. This rare bottle of whiskey comes in an exclusive hand-blown glass bottle with a bottle stopper pressed with Janet Sheed Roberts’s initials. Further, the bottle comes packed in a leather box, lined with silk along with a deer horn toggle. Reportedly, each bottle of the lot will be accompanied by the limited edition signed print created by artist Alison Watt OBE.

Rare bottle of Glenfiddich whiskey

Surprisingly, the money raised from the sale of the bottle number 7 of the limited edition 11 bottles of the Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve, will go to the Lotus Flower Trust, helping to pay charity for the construction of a school building and home for children in Ramnagar, India.

Also, Sarah Branquinho, from World Duty Free Group, said: “This has been a wonderful and generous effort by William Grant & Sons. The children in Ramnagar will be eternally grateful.”

Via: BelfastTelegraph

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