Glenfiddich’s Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve collection sets the record yet again

Andrea Divirgilio / March 19, 2012

Glenfiddich’s ultra rare collection of whiskey, named the ‘Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve’, seems to guarantee itself a slot in the record books, by breaking anything that has been previously set. This year itself, we saw a $69,360 bottle being sold, which by itself was a record of sorts. Now another bottle of this exclusive investment grade liquor has exchanged hands for $94,000, to occupy the top position again. Sold on New York’s Liberty Island event, which was hosted by actor, and environment enthusiast Adrian Grenier, this bottle of Glenfiddich whisky became the most expensive bottle to be sold at an auction.

Glenfiddich's Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve whiskey

Other than just taste and flavorings of the whiskey, the total of 11 bottles became famous for its link to the brand’s original founder, William Grant. Late in November 2011, Ms. Janet Sheed Roberts celebrated her 110th birthday, making her the oldest person in Scotland. Her link to the founder of Glenfiddich is that she is his granddaughter, and these bottles were initially stored in casks for aging, during her 55th birthday. Now she has spent 55 more years after that special day, the distillery had decided to bottle that coveted beverage in 11 exclusive editions, which seem to be now breaking every possible record in the books while exchanging hands amongst collectors. With the price reaching the 6-figure mark, there is absolutely no doubt that famous collectors will go to any extent to get their hands on these investment grade bottles.

At this particular event near New York, Malt Master Brian Kinsman was also present to oversee the sale event, and share his expertise. Also the proceeds of the event will go towards a charitable cause associated with SHFT Initiatives, headed by Peter Glatzer and Adrian Grenier. This initiative is bent on creating awareness about the environment in sensitive areas, and help in its preservation in the long run.

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