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United States
Net Worth $ 90 Million
The radio show
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Born on: 10th Feb 64 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Media and Entertainment
Glenn Beck  net worth is estimated at $90 million. Beck,  hosts to Glenn Beck Radio Program is a politically conservative American television and radio host, political commentator, author, television network producer, media personality, and entrepreneur.   "Born in 1964, in Mount Vernon, Washington, Glenn first started working the microphone at the age of 13, and did several weekend jobs at radio stations, a step which became contributory factor to Glenn Beck  net worth. Glenn Beck is now known as a conservative political commentator, who with his knack of creating controversy became a nationally syndicated television and renowned radio host. With his conservative white male persona, Glenn owes his phenomenal success to radio, as his ‘The Glenn Beck Program’ is heard throughout in U.S. and is aired over 400 stations. His yearly payment for this popular gig is alone $10 million, a significant amount which comprised Glenn Beck  net worth. However, along with success, his life was also plagued with addictions of alcohol, drugs, affinity for harder narcotics, broken marriage. Once, he even contemplated suicide before he pulled back and thought to put his life on a right track. Eventually, he gave up smoking Marijuana, cut his long hair, and decided to go on a spiritual journey to reinvent his better side. He then tied the wedding knot with his love Tania, delved himself deep into radio talks, using the controversy surrounding the 2000 presidential elections and catapulted his show to be No. 1. which in return inflated Glenn Beck  net worth. Later, in the wake of President Obama’s election, Beck got even a bigger microphone to talk about the political issues. Continuing with his controversial comments, he pointedly called President Obama a racist, during a guest appearance on show Fox & Friends. With his passionate and folksy style along with several years of work as a radio personality, Glenn has now undoubtedly reached the pinnacle of commercial success. In addition to radio and television work, he is also an author of best-selling books and a publisher of Fusion Magazine which became a contributory factor to Glenn Beck  net worth. He was honored with Marconi Radio Award for Network Syndicated Personality of the Year. Beck and his wife currently reside in Philadelphia. "
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Glenn Beck Estates and Homes (1)

New Canaan home

New Canaan

Sitting beside Laurel Reservoir, this two-acre property in New Canaan with a large house, a swimming pool, deck, hot tub and a four-car garage was the home of conservative radio host Glenn Beck. Now owned by Maurya Abeln Smith, the general counsel of PepsiCo, Glenn sold this property for $3.6 million. Considering the threats that Mr. Beck receives as a result of his incendiary political performances, he even applied for a permit to construct a six-foot wooden fence around this property. Recently, it’s been in the reports that Beck and his wife Taniya is moving into the 7,900 sq. ft estate owned by Swarovski heiress Vanessa Piedra and basketball player Jorge Piedra. Beck hasn’t purchased the home, but has leased the home for whopping rent of $20,000 per month.


The Location: The property is located in New Canaan, Connecticut, United States.


Accommodation: This colonial style home boasts six bedrooms, five full and three half bathrooms.

Glenn Beck Autos and Cars (1)

1969 MGB convertible

1969 MGB convertible

Glenn Beck is working for radio since the age of 13 and therefore he saved up enough money to buy 1969 MGB convertible as his first car. 1969 MGB convertible was the one of the most luxurious cars in 1960s and still has solid investment potential. Long back in an interview he said "I remember the car dealer saying, 'This is as is' and I just thought it was the coolest car ever. He bought a white colored used car and sold it in 70s and bought a 1971 Ford Thunderbird.

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