Go barefoot with Martin Margiela’s Glass Slippers

Andrea Divirgilio / September 22, 2009

maison martin margiela
The invisible Martin Margiela, who is known for his eccentric and ground-breaking designs, has gone all transparent with these fantastical Glass Slippers that are straight from the fairy tale of Cinderella. These glass slippers celebrate shoe fetish in unique style, and in case you don’t intend to wear them, you can even use them as art sculptures to make your decor a reflection of your personality. Don’t believe us? Martin himself has that in mind when designing these unconventional slippers. They are selling the glass slippers not as a pair but per piece with one for $1,277 and a pair for $ 2,580 – available from Maison Margiela Stores.

maison martin margiela 2

Via: ButterBoom

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