Go game hunting, right in your living room!

Andrea Divirgilio / March 31, 2008

hunter safariHere’s something that will put the thrill of hunting right back, but this time in your living room or the basement. All this courtesy the new Big Buck Hunter Safari gaming arcade by Raw Thrills . This gaming console will take you right back to your kiddy days when you used to pester your parents to have a go at the coin operated game arcades at the neighborhood toy shop. You can still do it with the Black Buck Hunter Safari. And, for going on your shooting trips, you can choose between a range of 15 courses right from the grasslands of the African Savannah to the dunes of the Sub Saharan African desertscape. What’s more, you have a huge range of animals, even endangered ones like the Rhinos to go shooting around, but remember only on the gaming arcade though. The Big buck comes with a nice large 27″ screen for all your game safari graphics, everything in high definition. And if you want your buddies to join you hunting sprees, no worries, the console can support upto 4 gamers at a single go. Non stop game hunting action, right at home, comes at a price, a rather steep one at that, of $4875.

via UberReview

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