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Gold fireplace from Wodtke Germany is wrapped in 24 carat gold

Andrea Divirgilio / February 27, 2012

Out of the constantly changing home interior trends, fireplaces continue to be the focal point of a room. From wood burning fireplaces to eco-friendly fireplaces, luxury fireplaces are designed to add value to your decor even when not in use. We had earlier told you about some decked up versions like the Swarovski crystal fireplace by Justen Ladda, and also the Iron Dog Huradax which happens to be the world’s most expensive fireplace with a $4 million price tag. This time it’s going to be about lending the Midas touch to this with the Wodtke Gold Fireplace, from Germany which also happens to be eco-friendly to operate. The attached price tag is $7,929 (€5,890).

Wodtke bio-ethanol fireplace

The Wodtke fireplace is created with a rusted stainless steel frame and covered with gold-leaf, much like the Planika Quadro Gold fireplace we had earlier told you about, which boasts a 24 carat gold flaked frame. The Tuto Gold model from Wodtke has got the royal makeover with a golf leaf wrapping on the outside. The fireplace is fitted with a LED module inside the frame.

Wodtke bio-ethanol fireplace

For those looking to get one of these, there are also multiple options for the finishing. Apart from the Tuto-gold, there is the wooden, bronze, and even the acrylic black piano finish to choose from. Depending upon where you wish to place the unit, one can match the exteriors with it. From what we can notice, it can fit on your front porch, living room, garden, or even the pavilion. Even moving it around isn’t so much the trouble, as the entire unit weighs about 54 kg. So, those willing to brighten up their spaces in every sense of the word, the Wodtke fireplace sure fit the bill.

Wodtke bio-ethanol fireplace

Via: Darios/ Wodtke

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