Gold plated copier machine by Yogi Proctor

Andrea Divirgilio / July 25, 2011

Gold painted Canon 2011 copier

We have earlier covered gold embalmed office furniture in the form of the Gold VIVA office chair that had golden linings and armrests. But taking a different path, designer Yogi Proctor has recreated a model version of the famous Canon copier machine that has been gold plated all over! Though not a functional device unto itself, the copier has been made complete with a neon light, which goes back and forth to give impression of the real version.

The devices designer Yogi Proctor had earlier been into the business of creating interesting art work for advertisement campaigns. Hence started the desire to create something out of the ordinary in the office space, which could otherwise be dull in the comparative sense. The result of the out-of-box thinking manifested itself in form of this golden office copier, which is currently more of an art piece than functional office equipment.

The copier has the neon light, seen in most copiers going back and forth, but then that’s the most it can actually do. It doesn’t produce actual copies, sadly! The body work of the copier is made of aluminum, urethane, plastic, glass, vinyl and steel that have been used to create the many parts, but all have been finished off with the gold embalming. The size of this device is 33 inches x 27 inches x 48 inches, which brings it close to the real thing in formation.

Accompanying the machine is a gold plated frame, which includes a joke written by the curator of the device, Sade Coy. The office copier sadly isn’t on sale, but its multiple versions will be on demand from anyone who likes things with the Midas touch. So, is Kayne listening?

Via: TrendHunter/Etnies/Yogi Proctor

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