Gold Rush Backgammon coffee table by E.David

Andrea Divirgilio / May 4, 2009

gold rush 1

If you’re looking for a luxury backgammon table fit for royals, then this one might interest you. Emmanuel David, an enthusiast and collector of backgammon for more than 20 years, has designed the “Gold Rush” backgammon, which has been laid out especially for the Hotel Fouquet’s Paris. The 900 x 600 x 600 Backgammon Fouquet “Gold Rush” by E.David is a coffee table adorned with gold leaf. The gold leaves are fixed into the transparent surface of the coffee table. Limited to four copies, signed and numbered, the Gold Rush backgammon coffee table retails for €15,000 ($19,930). Other eye-catching, luxurious tables by E.david include Wings of Desire (€21,000), Morning Dew (€31,000) and the Exclusive Beach “St Tropez.” All the backgammon sets by David are custom-made using the finest materials.

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