Gold & Wood luxury Eyepieces unveils new solar frames
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Gold & Wood luxury Eyepieces unveils new solar frames

Gold & Wood luxury Eyepieces unveils new solar frames

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The first from the new series is the Atik model, which is a combination shiny rose gold and carob wood. The designing of the frame is semi-classical, but the finesse on the framework crafting is vibrantly visible. Other than that, the wearer can also adjust the wooden handles as per convenience, which also have been crafted by artists and craftsman at their workshop.

Gold and Wood Atria sunglass made from palladium and marbled horn

The next in the series is the Atria model, which comes as a combo of palladium and marbled horn. More of a 'semi-aviator' design, the classic style quotient of many till date, this eye wear piece also the added flexibility of handcrafted adjustable temple handles. The Avior series on the other hand is perfectly, aviator design, and comes with 2 main options too choose from; the Avior 01 is shiny gold, wenge, and golden wood, and the Avior 01 is Palladium, mineral wood and ebony. While the golden option has a brown shaded lense, the palladium version of the Avior glasses have been fitted with dark grey polarized lenses. This special variety helps is block the UV rays better, which ensures better comfort .

Gold and Wood Avior 01 with shiny gold, wenge and golden wood fabrication

Craftsmanship: Reportedly, each pair of Gold & Wood glasses is distinct in design as each set is intricately handmade by 40 craftsmen performing over a 100 different operations to finish one pair.

Gold & Wood Eyewear

Celebrity Quotient: The brands' celebrity trendsetters includes Sylvester Stallone, Angelina Jolie, Robin Williams, Steven Tyler, 50 Cent, Jamie Foxx and Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Gold and Wood Avior 03 with palladium and ebony fabrication

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