Golden Dreams limited edition iPhone made with revolutionary ‘CarbonGold’
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Golden Dreams limited edition iPhone made with revolutionary ‘CarbonGold’

Golden Dreams limited edition iPhone made with revolutionary ‘CarbonGold’

The year 2013 has been keeping the iPhone5 owners pretty busy, as newer bespoken models seem to be spoiling them for choice. We earlier saw the Continental Mobile Aurora and Adamas series, Amosu Coutre Valentine's Day special edition, and the Caviar iPhone5 Titano Diablo, all of which set apart the already famous gadget apart from the rest. Now luxury phone maker Golden Dreams has introduced 3 new collections at the Baselworld 2013, including making one with a new fabrication called CarbonGold, which is upgraded special combination of Carbon Fiber and Gold. With that, they have also bought in the limited edition Mansory series and the Golden Dragon etched iPhone5 sets, which are nothing short of jewels themselves.

Golden Dreams Gold Carbon fabrication for the iPhone5

The GoldCarbon is the special fiber which has been developed by the artists in the company. They have taken carbon fiber of the finest variety, and then coated each casing with 99.9% pure gold, which brings out a wonderful woven effect along the body of the set. To ensure that the finishing is top notch, all of the work has been handled in Switzerland, that defines craftsmanship of a whole league unto themselves.

Golden Dreams Dragon etched in gold on red alligator leather

For those who have a weakness for the mythical oriental animal, the dragon, the bespoken special edition Gold dragon etched masterpiece on red alligator leather, should have plenty heads turning it's way. The special iPhone5 has 35 hours of labor working to bring it to this level of artistic perfection.

Golden Dreams Dragon etched in gold on the alligator leather cover

Not many times before have dragons been recreated to this level of perfection on a phone cover. Using 21st century technology, this age hold Chinese symbol has been etched to perfection on the handset. We would certainly call this the best looking of the lot so far.

Golden Dreams Mansory edition iPhone5 with 64GB memory

Golden Dreams has displayed yet another piece of it's prime craft work, with the limited edition 50 piece iPhone5 Mansory series. For this, Golden Dreams teamed with Mansory, a name more popular for it's luxury tuned vehicles for Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and even the Bugatti Veyron.

Golden Dreams Mansory edition iPhone5 has been created in a limited edition of 50 units

For this time, they have touched the iPhone5 64GB edition, and given it a 24kt gold bath. To make it an accessory for the most discerning fashionistas, they have been individually mirror polished to perfection by the Swiss team of Mansory, thus giving them an unique sheen. Since this is a rare pedigree, only 50 of them will ever be available for sale, where each bears a price tag of $6,422 (€4,900).

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